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I'm not celebrating that Ed survived getting mugged. I'll celebrate when the streets are safe and 102 year old people can move about in their own neighborhood without fear.
I'm not celebrating that Ed survived getting mugged. I'll celebrate when the streets are safe and 102 year old people can move about in their own neighborhood without fear.
And I will join you in that celebration when civilization returns to that point.

Between then and now, I believe we need to celebrate every good thing that happens. Ed being alive after this event is worth celebrating.

According to the account I read, Ed has moved on. We should as well.


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Hey Guys! I haven't posted on this since I told bobw that his tshirt was cool. Was just thinking it'll slide. I guess I'm the original offender here so here is an apology for Bruno. Sorry I offended you Bruno! Let's get back to something more interesting than this
I vote for an old school boxing match. No weapons , no politics , no beard pulling... to be broadcast live for those who cannot attend 🥳

Burnout , anyone...?


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Snopro, maybe you can get a mod to lock the thread. I've been trying to be respectful on your thread. I was also respectful to Bruno when he so kindly reminded me that I did have an opinion and he didn't agree . Also apologized for some transgression I didn't commit. I keep hearing my name come up in this thread...
So let me get this straight. A 102 year old man walks out onto the sidewalk, gets mugged and his phone is stolen. We're supposed to celebrate that the low life thug didn't kill him? I'm grateful he didn't get severely injured or killed. But I'm more than angry that this is becoming more prevalent. The question is, why is this happening? A member expressed an opinion. Big deal, agree or disagree. But why try to silence folks? Sounds like cancel culture. Let's all ignore what is happening and talk about our health problems, or our back yard remodel, or songs that don't suck, or cars that aren't rat rods, sleds, beaters or bikes, or tractors, or plowing, or poetry. Plenty of off topic talk here and I like all of it. Tripper's creation has gone far beyond Rat Rods Rule and if it was strictly limited to that, many of us would be disinvited. It's very seldom we hit on a topic that might be a bit controversial, or say something that might slightly offend a member(s). I think we can handle it.
Well said Bob. That’s one thing that upsets me about another forum that I won’t name but we all know who it is…if anything other than living in a past era comes up, it’s quickly squashed. Even news about pending legislation is axed. Crawl in your comfy hole and everything will be fine. Not!
I agree, what have we come to when our oldest citizens are everyday targets for thugs and almost nothing ever happens about it? What is so special about a freaking cell phone that people are willing to risk their life to steal one?
We’ve got to wake up! It’s not 1950 or 1960 anymore, society has deteriorated to the point that human life is not sacred like it once was. You have to be prepared when you step out of your door, you never know who may be there. Anything that increases your chance of survival is better than nothing, a stick, firearm, taser, pepper spray. Hope you never need anything, but like the Boy Scouts used to say, be prepared!

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