It has began! 54 International Harvester Bobber build.

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Sep 2, 2009
Hello All.

Well after months n months of trying to get this thing started, Its finally coming together. Or should I say coming apart.:D

54 IH, Chopped, Dropped n Blown! Heres wat we have so far In the Mockup. Still Moving n measuring but You get the idea. It has Dual Rear Semi tires and were using Either the Old IH rear or a 14 bolt narrowed with low to mid 500ish gearing to get these tires a rollin.

Its gettin a 7-8 inch Chop and Were runnin trhe front axle out a little before the Grill. Mr Gussett has an nsane idea on the Suspension that will be bad!!

Engine will be a 355ci sbc with a Weiand 6-71 blower. Already got that settin in my garage. And were gonna fab up some crazy Zoomies with Motorcycle Baffles.

Well heres the pics. Give me oppinions. Tnx, RR


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And More.....


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And More.......


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I like where yer goin with that build. Kinda the same direction I wanna go with my 52. I know what ya mean about gettin started with a project. Been tryin to start mine for a yr:confused:. Keep us posted with pics.
Lookin good. 7-8 inch chop? Wow that thing is gonna be low n sweet! I wished I coulda went a little lower with mine but I'm 6'4" and want to be comfy when I drive. Gotta love blowers.. Man that thing is gonna be sick! I'm just the opposite I can start a project easy enough but I usually end up selling em before I'm finished! Trying to break that nasty habit! Good luck with the build and I'll be watching....
That's gonna be a bad*** truck! Love the big ole dually rears!! That's exactly what I have in mind for my 51 F1. Keep the pics coming. I'm really looking forward to your build.

Well MR gussett was in full force tonite. Started choppin away at the ole IH.:D


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And heres the rough look at wat its going to look like. Im excited!![cl:D


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Pics are small??? If anyone knows how or can do it, Ive no problems with you changing the sizes of em. Tnx, RR
Mockup is sweet! Looks like the chop will be too (kind of hard to tell in those little pics)

Curious if that is the old IH front axle? Also, what size wheels, 20's?

Will be interesting to see how you make the rear come out, guess it isn't any narrower than Pro-Street, but unsprung weight will be a bear (wondering how it is going to behave on my dually). Keep it coming! I will be watching with interest.
Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Yea its a stock front end. Lucked out on it being an old Rat rod looking axle.

Front tires and wheels are going to a set of 8 lug rims like off a dually using wheel adaptors. The rears are 21.5 inch semi rims with dual semi tires.

Got a friend of Mr Gussetts making adaptors for me. Gonna narrow dwn the 14 bolt and run a 5.08-mid 550 ish gear and use a posi of some sort on it.

Just picked up an old full size van seat thats Charcoal grey were gonna fab up to. Its movin right along Tnx to my Hard.....I mean Mr Gussetts hard work.:D
bigger pics

Here ya go for a bigger veiw ! Not welded yet, I still have some cutting and grinding to do! The A piller will take the most fab work due to the curve and slope in the beast!
I tried to kill Rod tonight by having him help pull the 14 bolt rear on sleds around my shop to get it inside!!!! LOL !The Snow just about did him in!


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