LS9 350 truck motor hop up questions

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Sep 18, 2012
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Hey guys,

I have two cars that have the lackluster LS9 350 small block Chevy. Depending on the year, they were somewhere around 165 hp and 275 lb⋅ft. They have the 882 76cc chamber heads which puts them at about 8.5:1 compression.

Have any of you tried to increase power with a cam and head swap on these? If so, was it worth it? I'm looking at either a 60cc or 64cc chamber head, which would put the compression around 9.5-10. I still want to run 87 if I want but If I could gain around 100 horsepower I'd be happy. One already has a Holley carb and performer rpm manifold.

I don't want to put in all the work and figure I just should have bought a built engine instead.

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