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Well, we had 70 cars show up for the show this afternoon. Had 37 go on the drive and only 1 major fail. Had a water pump seize up and it ended up on the chase truck. Was a killer day and I don't get a lot of pics l. I did get some cruising videos. So I will toss that together asap!! Here are a few I got!


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It was a great day we couldn't ask for better weather or better company. All the planning we put into it made it run super smooth. Everyone that was here said they would come back again. So I think it is worth trying but again next year. I have a different route already picked out for the cruise. Everyone we talked to about it said that that's why they thought it was a cool idea because it wasn't just sitting all day and one spot
All right guys I finally got the video up. My editor I have used for years decided they were going to do an update and completely screw up the whole thing. It doesn't support any video formats you need to use a converter to convert it to use it on their app now. So dumb took something that works so well and so easy and completely screwed it up. Anyway my rant is over. Here is the video from the show. Not a lot of show footage I did more driving when I got back to the house I had a bunch of stuff to do. Next year I think I'm going to give my camera to a buddy who helped out and is very capable of recording stuff. Let me know what you think subscribe to the new channel. My old one got hacked and I ended up having to delete it because YouTube was making it impossible to get it under control. So I just deleted it and decided to start a new one again and see how that goes. Thanks for watching

That's one of the most beautiful areas I've been to. Years ago.

Also Mt. Rainier National Park.

If I had a no reason to go I would still try. :)

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