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Nov 9, 2008
Coppell/DFW, TX
Stole this one from a friend:
For those that might need a 'stand-alone'(not engine driven) compressor that put out BIG air....
Will run air tools no problem. Airs up tires in seconds. Airbags? No problem. Puts out more air than a 3hp 20gal. shop compressor, and that's with NO TANK!
Has been used w/ a ford tractor starter AND a SBC starter.

Heres the gist:

1) Get a 9N starter motor (Ford tractor). I recommend DB Electrical (on line) due to the fact that they are cheep, and they build 'em good!
2) Get a York 210, or similar AC compressor.
3) Take the clutch on the comp. apart and strip it down to just the part that fits on the comp. shaft.
4) Get a set of 12T #40 (1 with 5/8" boar, 1 with the biggest boar they have) sprockets from the local farm supply (or who ever has them in your area) and a box of #40 chain.
5) If U have access to a lathe do it that way, if not pay some one to turn down the hub from the AC clutch to the ID of your big ID sprocket, and then weld the sprocket on to the hub.
6) make a bracket to mount the motor to the compressor (lots of ways to do it, use your imagination).
7) put the comp. and the motor together, slide the sprocket on the motor and get it in line with the sprocket on the comp. Now cross drill the sprocket and shaft on the motor and pin it, then cut the shaft off flush with the sprocket.
8) get a 200amp CONTINIOUS duty relay from Napa, and a standard compressor switch from anywhere.
9) wire the comp. switch to send signal to the 200amp relay, and the relay to power the motor.

BAM!!!!!!! Kick ass OBA! No tank necessary if U don't have the room.

Man thats really cool, and a little scary lookin which is even better. That sure beats the commercially available 1/4 - 1/2hp elec compressors.
ive seen this done befor with the yorks but ive only seen it hooked up the engine mounted belt drivin way, the starter is a nice idea.i hear u get a rediculous amount of air from the york a/c compressures.nice post u get new ideas everday,thank you for sharing
That is a cool idea, what about just direct driving it? I mean the sprockets seem about the same size, so why not a direct drive with a coupler?

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