WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Any electrical engineers here?

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Check that P-clamp - we had a "metal P-clamp replacement service program" because older trucks were catching on fire while parked over night.

Didn't realize there was a video and it was a constant problem. You either pinched the wire when installing the shroud, that P-clamp has worn, or those aren't plastic fan housings.
If those are 2 speed fans, are those wires both hots and ground would be through the case?

EDIT: Forget it. I looked at the schematics for 94. External resistor with +and - wires to the fans. It's got to be inside the fans then.
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I had reversed polarity on the wires many times, and have since then too. Neither wire actually runs to ground, only to the motors.
It must have grounded itself through the frame in the middle of the night, for no reason, without being touched. Then when I tried to find out what was going on with it, it ungrounded.
I'll just be sure to cut all power to the fans when they're turned off.
The thing is, it wasn't grounded when I walked away from it, and it isn't grounded now. I would be really interested in finding out how it grounded itself in the middle of the night, and ungrounded later.

I'm taking a physics class on electricity now, maybe I'll ask the professor.

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