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Go Poly

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May 5, 2024
I’m recently retired and want to build a rat rod. Don’t want nor know how to do body work, but can and want to do chassis mods, fabrication, perhaps build an engine, etc.

Looking for ideas and thoughts from those that have been in similar state.

Have you thought about what you want to build? Style? Period? Truck/car?
If it's your first go at building, maybe start with a project that's mostly complete and finish it. Give yourself some confidence to make a move from scratch. The members here will probably show you that where there's a will, there's a way and you're only limited by your imagination...
Welcome to the site.

I agree with smallfoot.
Start with something that isn't too hard so you can drive it pretty quickly. Get to know some people, and get more involved with the hobby. Hanging with a group of new friends can help you determine the path to go, if you are not sure.

Then, I think that with something you can drive, building something more complex is easier because you can still be involved as the project wears on. Seen way to many start with a major project then loose the drive and the project becomes a storage rack, or worse.
That shows the wisdom on this board. I also agree. Maybe an old running truck, that needs brakes, or an axle swap for a first project. But there is nothing to say that you may build one from scratch at some point. It is nice to see and drive a finished project, fairly quickly, and not be mired in a project that takes years, as your first one.
You can depend on the members to help you through parts and processes.
The number one killer of completing a project is taking too long getting to the point of enjoying it.
Welcome to Undead Sleds, from northern Alberta.
These guys have a good point, get something that you can drive reasonably soon and then start on your big project. For me, building is the main attraction, but it's still nice to drive something old once in a while.
Good luck.
Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome and responses!

Originally I wanted to build a 50’s pickup truck. That morphed into a rat rod type truck, but I want to actually do some fabrication. I like to weld. I don’t like body work. Most mechanical and electrical tasks I can handle. Not sure if I would build the engine or not. I have some experience with engine building, just not sure I want to. Maybe just buy a crate engine. Manual gearbox. 9 inch Ford rr. That’s where I stand. I have been going to some local car shows to get ideas, meet people,etc.

Thanks for any ideas going forward!
Welcome to the site. I'm sure you'll find lots of support here, and the advice so far has been spot on. Like it was mentioned, check out the Rat Rod of the day for ideas, and you can always spend hours on the Build thread as well. If you check the dates on the build thread you can see where the idea of starting with a somewhat finished rod comes from - some of the builds go on for years!
Started with this in March of 2022

May of 2024 and we have this to look at...


There was a lot of crack pipe smoke to get it to this point...all the heavy lifting is done...26 months steady

Get something that is all there or close to being all there....all those little parts add up quickly...

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