Q-jet won't idle down

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Jul 8, 2007
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Put this Q-jet back on the 283 after the two barrel that was on it with adaptor gummed up for sitting to long. The butterflies on the q-jet are closed fully and not held open. Idle adjust screw is not even touching. Idle jets all the way in and choke closed. Idles about 1000 rpm but it should'nt even run. What is going on? :confused:
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Check the choke hi idle ramp and make sure when the choke opens that the ramp drops down on it's stop.
Then there's the ole vacuum leak.
Also, does it have a high idle a/c solenoid that might need screwed in some.
I'd say check the linkage an be sure its all OK, but I would suspect a major vacuum leak if it will run at 1,000 rpm with the chole closed, unless the secondary's are slightly open.

I'm thinking maybe you missed hooking up a PCV hose or a brake booster hose, or the carb base gasket is leaking bad.
Easy fixes are always better.
We wouldn't know about these things unless we have experienced these things ourselves.
Good job. [cl

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