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Nov 11, 2015
Eugene/Springfield Oregon
Hi, I did search and find a "Parking Brake/Emergency Brake" thread but it is several years old so here's a new question: On my RaTT Rod, the drivers side emergency brake set up will be fairly straight forward to fabricate and hook up, but the passenger side will be difficult. Is there any reason why having a parking brake on one rear wheel only wont suffice in rare situations where it will be used? Thanks, TLJ
One sided may work for just parking where you don't want to roll if it gets kicked out of gear but actually using it if the brakes fail, you might get a little squirrelly. I gotta say though, if my brakes fail on the run, I'll probably be killing the ignition, down shifting, and trying to find a different direction to go....:D
Definitely would not want to use a one wheel emergency brake system but for parking would be just fine.
If I ever need an emergency brake I just plan on letting the air out and grinding to a stop:D
RaTT Rod parking brake

Thanks guys, The handle is not gonna be in a quick,easy to reach location, and would just lock it up. If I lost my brakes, I probably wouldn't go that route anyhow. :) TLJ
Do you have to go through any inspections to get your license plates, like we do in Alberta? Our inspections will bring tears to a grown mans eyes. You have to get your vehicle legal before you can drive it, so find out what hoops your state wants you to jump through before you take any hard to correct shortcuts.
Good luck.

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