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Our favorite Sweetheart!
May 15, 2007
Yeah,,it's me again,and I promise not to pick any fights or cuss :),,well maybe not cuss..also heres a pic of my new ride built it lastnite

Nice ride.:D
Glad you could join us over here. The other place was too "Outtacontroll"
No B-chin goin on yet over here.
No price gougung either...

Just good folks here to have a good time.
Welcome aboard.
Cool, I thought you should come over here.:) The price god has started another thread over there just to start more problems! Too bad:(

Welcome & it's really good to see u checkin' in with the old gang. We've always loved the kool & interesting stuff u've had to show & sell! I LOVE that 'lil rusted up wagon... it's *awesome*!!! I've been secretly workin' on 1 too but yours is way kooler than mine. There's a section to sell stuff in so make yourself @ home & show us what u got these daze!

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Mz Herself,
Welcome to the new place always great to see your creativity. That wagon should be on display in an art gallelry. You'd probably get big bucks from Mr. Money bags!
Nice wagon....

Glad to see you here Satan, like the wagon a lot.
I just tossed the pink barbie electric car that my grandaughters out grew.
It makes me wish I had gotten out the flat black cans, bolted on a few items,
and did the car up right before I sent it off to the recyclers......
a missed opportunity..:(

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