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robber grin

Aug 8, 2014
Youngwood PA
1. What does everyone recommend I run for vacuum line from the carb to the frame mounted disk brake booster? My buddy suggested 3/8" fuel line...

2. How can I figure out my speedometer cable (and length) given the fact that it's an 89 Dodge AX15 five speed manual transmission (converted to gear driven speedometer cable drive) and a Dolphin universal speedometer? I'd like to find a compatible over the counter solution...

Thanks gang.


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I’d run 3/8” fuel injection hose for the power booster. It will cost more per ft, but it won’t rot in six months like normal fuel hose does anymore.
thanks, Bamamav... I was just thinking the same thing. Called Dolphin and their guy said any 5/8-18 female to 7/8 female cable should work - theirs is 69". Off to the parts house...
The trans end looks like the old standard Mopar/GM speedo end. I have no idea what is on the end of the Dolphin speedo. 69" should be plenty long.
I got Fuel Injection hose for the booster vacuum line and sourced a speedometer cable that worked out perfectly. Thank you for your constructive feedback.

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