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Did a quick yard test drive. Welded the Advance out of the distributor. Ran TDC. No vacuum or mechanical advance--responded well--When you have a motor that doesn't need vacuum, the feel like they have alot of advance it seems.

It's at dead zero TDC--I even pulled the #1 plug and looked at the piston top to verify (open engines are SO easy)..


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That pic of the distributor kinda might need explaining--- I put a shroud made from a cut up milk jug over the works to protect them from spatter. Electronics and magnetic pickups might need protection and I'n too lazy to disassemble the works just to spot weld the flyweights.

I'm all about cheep n easy.


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I'm trying to use an Autolite 2BBl in this project-- Might be a little sketchy as its kinda small--ran a 352 truck motor I think. It's pretty simple to turn into a blow-through. I'm not trying to make big power with it. Not alotta holes to plug up and its got replaceable jets in the base of the float bowl. So it's tune-able.

These pipes and hoses are supposed to direct pressure into the carb guts better, and stick into the intake tube of the supercharger carb hat I had. I have a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator, and I did get positive pressure running through it without blowing fuel everywhere, so It does work some so far ..

I have a couple hollies that I can adapt to blow through--this just looked simpler and something different. Some U-tuber was doing it, thought I'd see if it'd work.


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I had a Ford Thunderbird IRS in this originally, but it had a 2.70 gear with an open diff, and I had a 12 bolt GM with a locker and a 3.72 in my junk. I was having difficulties getting the Ford rear brakes to work well with my GM fronts and master cylinder so I swapped the IRS out with the 12 bolt earlier this winter.

That IRS was a little too fancy for me, and I like this old school 4 bar/panhard setup alot better. Rides rough, but feels more hotroddy--jalopy.. Stops real good too.


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Got this project running and driving. Blowthrough 2bbl on 302 ford.. The best thing about it is the wideband 02 gauge.. Never could read a plug, and this gives a pretty reliable AFR..


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