1937 Packard 115 coupe

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Thanks guys, it was great to hit the pavement at this time of year, sunny but only 45F

That Packard is sexy as all get out.
The shot with the tree in the background is great.

Yep, it's my new fav pic :)

What a fun day [cl
Looks of looking lews I bet[P

Oh, yeah. Funny thing, when I told people I was painting it 1986 Chrysler yellow they would roll their eyes or look at their shoes :( But now everyone that sees it just loves the color on this car, it just fits - but I wouldn't go putting it on a Model A or 57 Chevy
Putting on the final strokes (literally) today, Amberlyn - a local artist came and laid on stock style lines to the body side reveal and on the wheels in red, like it would have been in 1937. Added on some trim rings to the wheels and it's looking pretty much done :):cool:



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I tried it. And developed more respect for stripers than I had before. Are you going to deliver it?

Me too, my lines looked like the seismograph printout from a 7.0 quake....:eek:
It's going to winter here until I get back from Yuma in April, plus 2 of the 3 highway routes to the coast are still out of commission until late Jan, the one remaining highway is limited to essential traffic only. That would mean taking a snowy, windy slow route in the winter sandwiched between impatient semi truckers - not a good plan I think. The owner will bring the other coupe body here and take this one back in his enclosed 20' car hauler in April.
I'm kicking myself because I accidentally didn't put it on the calendar.:eek:. Seems I put the pic in a different file and forgot about it. :eek:
Aggravated at myself because it was the inspiration to do fat fenders this time. It will go in the next one for sure...

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