1957 Chevy 3100 step-side

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Nov 8, 2010
Ok, sooo project toy-t got put on the back burner model t parts are expensive, so while parts continue to be gathered for it in a leisurely fashion; I picked up this 1957 chevy. The 57 is pretty much complete, was the right price and thusly we pulled it out of an old tobacco barn, and brought it home.

Currently I am stripping the undercoating off from the cab, using a propane torch and putty knife, and cleaning up after that with a wire wheel, both there and on the frame. Hopes are to be painting the underside of it this winter.

Plans are to keep it mostly original (though new and safe) other than a drop front axle and flipping the rear. With matte red paint.....


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A 1957 GMC was what I learned to drive with and the year I was born. I wish I still had that truck.

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