216 stovebolt with transmission/rear axle torque tube/radiator

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Jan 19, 2011
I have the 216 with 3 speed along with the rear axle and torque tube and the radiator I want to sell. The engine is complete except for the air cleaner and generator. It still turns over by hand and the radiator still had antifreeze in it.

It is all located in Lorimor, IA and I'm asking $150/o.b.o. and pickup only.

Untitled by ratrodfanbobcat, on Flickr

Untitled by ratrodfanbobcat, on Flickr

I will get a pic of the radiator in the daylight and post it as well. Thanks for looking.
I haven't gotten a pic of the radiator but noticed the top neck needs repaired. If anyone wants this stuff I'll let it all go for the low low price of FREE, that's right free. I need this stuff out of the way and don't want to just scrap it all.

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