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Nov 29, 2008
Trussville , AL.
Well , it's finished !!! It was a six month build and a ton of fun . All I have is finished photos , I do this every time ( I should have taken a few during the build ) . it's a 1930 model A sedan , chopped 6" channeled 8" , 454 chevy with turbo 400. Interior is home made seats with zodiac vinyl . I have made a couple 4 hour round trips with no major malfunctions . All I can say is this is the most LEGAL fun i've ever had !!! I hope I can get the pictures to load correct, this is my first post. Tell me what you think --- Gregster


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well you told us to tell you what we think...so i will....

[dr i think that sums it up well:D.......[cl

love the wheel/tire combo,... the stance,...the seats....and the "motorvation"

.....lengthy trip w/o a major glitch--says pretty well built in my book...

well you got my opinion:D
Thanks guys , to answer a few questions , it's loud - kind of like a boat . not so bad when you get it trimmed out ! There are no baffles in it now. One day getting on the interstate I got crowded and had to get on it really hard and when the second carb opened up it had a little crackle and pop , then it spit one of the baffles out like a champagne cork , it went over the side of the bridge into traffic below ( no going back now ) . It runs better without it anyway ! The wheels are 15x5 front and 15x10 rears with 5.60/15 bias & 10.0/15 firestone cheater slicks . The door panels are just sheet metal , the cool part I think are the inside door handles, look close and see if they don't look just like the lever on the toilet tank. there only $6.49 each at lowes .I drove it in to work this morning 39 degrees is cold with no heat and windows . It was worth it though , two cars had to pull along side for pictures --- this is so fun!!!! Gregster
it is great! my four yr old daughter is getting into rods and she saw the pics from across the room, yelled WHOA! and came running. she proceeded to tell me we need to do ours like that!
Gregster, That is so awesome. As soon as my son sees this, it will be his screensaver and my inspiration. Great work! [cl
It's an upper grille (nose) from a '41 dodge truck. It was actually new old stock someone put on ebay , it still had the original dodge part number tag still on it. I thought that was pretty cool !

did you stitch the seats yourself?...love the tuck and roll....you got a build thread?...what company did you use to get those patch panels?

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