36 Chevy floor dimensions?

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Sep 23, 2014
Utah, US
Hey everyone. I'm pulling the project out of long term hibernation, and finding I'm in need of some dimensions. Its a '36 Chevy two-door humpback sedan. The floor was rotted away long ago, and before she went on the back burner, it was taken off it's frame. Moving it twice, and a light snow load last winter has tweaked the body slightly. I know there is a small bend in the A-pillars, as the door tops collide with the B-pillars, but can close when lifted. I'm also concerned that the lower section of the quarters, directly behind the doors, is bowed outwards slightly.

Can someone with one of these get me some measurements, please? Door frame openings at the bottom of the doors, and interior width (x wide, x inches below rear widows) would be very helpful. The original floor is intact from the rear axle rearward, so measurements aren't needed back there.

I have a donor floor and frame ready for it, but I'd rather do the measure twice, cut once thing, then break out the floorboard stretcher when its cut too narrow.
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Thanks for the link guys. I can already tell its going too be helpful in other ways as well!

Now it just needs to be a tiny bit warmer outside.

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