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Don't know why the pix didn't show up.
Your price is low. Are you advertising it anywhere else? It should sell.

It's too bad I'm downsizing or I would be tempted.
This is the only place i have it listed Bob. I just don't want to deal with e-bay or craiglist. I priced it to sell, so there won't be any dickering on the price.
Last time i'll bring it up, $8,000 firm. Found a driver I would like to get but have to sell mine first.:)
After 7 years, I don’t think it’s going to sell to this market.
Let’s face it, the odd Buick straight 8 isn’t exactly what most people are looking for. Not that it’s good or bad, just not a very big demand on a slow, heavy engine. If this were a Hemi or even dare I say a SBC, it would have probably already have sold. The hot rod style build dictates a V8 of some kind, not a low rpm torque monster from a luxury car. Not many folks around who have even seen a straight 8, much less worked on one. Split them, sell motor/transmission as a unit, rest as a rolling project.

Find another market. I don’t like Craigslist any more either, too many quacks and dope heads. Facebook Marketplace isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty easy to comb through and spot the scammers. Its audience is worldwide, so it will be seen. You have to be a member of FB to post on marketplace, but that doesn’t mean you have to post anything, although most people do check the profile of sellers, a little activity helps people know you’re not a scammer. I’ve bought and sold several things on marketplace.

Your call. Sit on it or list elsewhere.
It has $1,500 worth of carbs, $700 engine, $1200 adapter plates with new starter new flywheel, $400 shifter, $400 transmission, new clutch, pressure plate, hydraulic throw out bearing, other misc. parts, over $5,000 in total in drive train. As you have said if no one wants a 263 buick straight 8 then they won't pay what i would want for it.
It's a super cool and unique project. I understand why you would want to advertise only here, but I don't think we have the traffic to move a project like that.

If I wanted to build something like that, I'd be all over it.

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