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Mar 20, 2012
North side of Deer Mountain
So this guy bought a crate full of parts and started this project a number of years back, but I guess life got in the way, so he threw in the towel and now it sits in my shop. It's got a zz4 crate motor with a Tremec 5 speed using a Mcloud bell housing, clutch with hydraulic release bearing and a 9 inch Ford. He installed an aftermarket mustang 2 front suspension with GM Disc, Also an ididit steering column and wildwood brake and clutch masters. Last a set of Sanderson block huggers. As we all know it's tough to make a lot of dough on a deal like this. Plus I'm running low on passion since it's not mine and pickups are not really my taste. So I figured I'd post the build here to help me in the inspiration department. I've already bolted up the flywheel and clutch assy. to find that the hydraulic t/o bearing is too tall. So while I'm waiting on the owner to work that out with Mcloud, I'll bush and mount the pedal bracket assy. Then I'll tighten up the rear u bolts so I can get a base line on the rear pinion angle. Then I'll know where we need to go with the spring pads for proper drive line angle as well as do the math for drive shaft length. I've yet to check the rear end ratio, but being that zz4 is of the roller variety, this thing aughta scoot when it's done! [dr


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It looks like it has some nice pieces that could make for a really cool ride. I'm guessing it will be full fendered?
It looks like it has some nice pieces that could make for a really cool ride. I'm guessing it will be full fendered?
ya, he's got all the stuff to put it back together. He just wants us to finish all the mechanicals and get it to a point where it'll run and drive. As I said I'm not in to pick ups I must admit the ones of this era that are chopped and dropped are cool. But, I don't fit in the damn things, especialy with a clutch.
Got a chance to hit this thing for 3 days straight this past week. Here's a list of what we accomplished. Dale built and installed a floor out of 1/8" diamond plate. Next, a battery box out of angle welded to the frame behind the cab. The owner supplied a clutch and brake pedal assembly out of an Isuzu truck. We made some bushings, spacers and clevis pins to get it up to snuff and bolted it to a plate we made on the firewall along with the clutch and brake master cylinders. Next, after calculating the rear pinion angle we removed the rear axle cut off the spring perches and welded on new ones in the correct location and reinstalled the rear axle. Then we removed the trans and bell housing and installed all the new clutch goodies. Last,the drive shaft we had made at Drive Train Industries down in Denver went in. Whew! glad it fit. I measured and had it built about 6 weeks ago. Next we plumbed the brakes both front and rear along with the hydraulic T/O bearing. Next, Dale installed the starter, carb, fuel pump, alternator brackets, alternator, pulleys and fan and plumbed the fuel line tank to carb complete with 2 fuel filters 1 for and 1 aft. I went to work on the new fuse box and wire harness. Needless to say Dale was done way before me. So he removed the factory instrument cluster to see if the billet dash would fit. Of course it didn't so he modified it a bit until it did. About that time we decided to plumb the gas pedal. We screwed around for about an hour before giving up on the old GM pedal the owner supplied. Dale went out back and pulled a pedal and cable out of an old Landcruiser and it went in, in about 20 minutes. Man those things are easy! Especially the cable. While Dale installed the universal tank sender, I finished installing the temp and oil senders up front along with the engine portion of the wire loom. Wednesday my wife went back to Parker, so that night after Dinner I snuck back down to the shop and wired up the new instrument cluster and installed it and wired all the gauges to the loom along with the ignition switch. At this point, we're waiting on the new Radiator and I'm going on a work vacation to the left coast. Soon as I get back, I'll finish the wiring and we'll take care of any loose ends and be ready to start it.....vroom vroom.[cl


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Also I forgot about the steering column that needed to be modified. The wheel was in ur lap, so Dale removed the billet hanger and machined about 1.5" off of it. Also we built a shaft collar thingamawidget to support it better at the firewall.

Here's a few more pics.


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Got it fired up the other day, and enough hooked up to take it for a spin. Friggen fast!! Of course it doesn't weigh much as is. The owner's picking it up to have the cab painted next week. He's going to try and match the fenders green and white patina.Then it will return so we can hang the rest of the body parts and wire the lights.


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I love them ol 40s trucks but more when they are chopped n channelled but like everyone else I don't fit being 6 foot 4. I barley fit in my 50 five window
closer to done

Our friend Rod brought his truck by today to have the tail lights hooked up.
Last time we saw it, we'd finished with our part and he was taking it for paint and to reassemble the front clip and bed. It turned out real nice.
He's got a bit more to do and asked us to check out the rear end ratio.
He said by the time he gets it in 5th gear he's going way to fast for the truck.
We checked it and it's in the neighborhood of 3.25:1.(3.23:1?)
Anyway, it's running a ZZ4 Crate motor with a tremec 5 spd. and a 9" ford rear.
I'm thinking 3.50:1 prolly would be about the same and 3:73 would be dang quick!


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Rod brought his 42 PU to us again to have an FITECH throttle body fuel injection and fuel pump installed. It's a nice kit that went on super easy. Hard to believe it's been already been 6 years since we worked on it last time.


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