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Sep 23, 2012
Yes, another project!! I have had this one on the schedule for a while. Just waiting on the owner to collect enough parts.

42 Ford pickup, old school ex hotrod. Very well done chop. Just an all around cool truck.

I'm building the frame and getting it rolling. Then mounting cab and bed, then motor and transmission. He will finish up the details!

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Looks like very solid cab. Should be an enjoyable project.
Yeah I've been looking forward to this one, I can't wait to see it all sitting on its own. It's got a completely opposite of the cab completely polished blown small block doing it!
Got majority of the frame put together, well the raid anyway. Drew up some fish plates while sitting on the couch this evening. In the morning I'll get up and get started on those
Looks to be a real solid cab!
The chop and custom work is done very well. It does have some rust down low. The owner is actually going to pull all the paint off of it and I think he's going to ruin it. I really hope the chop and stuff is done with lead and not Bondo but we will see. He plans on not putting paint back on it but it's going to look funny with filler hanging out

That is the table i have. A good buddy bought into this company as a start up and this is one of there first tables they built. Now it looks like they are about 3gs. My neighbor has their new 4x8 table and it is super nice!!!! It works well. I was really on the fence about getting it. But I'm sure glad I did!!

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