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Today was my dad’s birthday, happy heavenly birthday dad! I wish you and grandpa could see the Goldcar now!

The day has arrived and the hood is painted! Some sanding, compound and polishing, install the windshield, out side mirror, dash pad and install it on the car.

The Goldcar is once again gold but we wanted it a little bit sweeter, so we added some Kandi!
She comes home this weekend!


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I’ve heard that a lot. I’m very fortunate to have Ron. Not only has he been instrumental in the ideas and fabrication, his painting skill and knowledge is second to none. I’ve lost count of how many paint sessions we’ve had and each time everything is a match. Ron’s paint job is even more spectacular in person and especially in the sunlight!
You had a good relationship with your builder/restorer. The results prove it.

Yes, I once has a Candy Red Zebra Stripe Special.

Thank you everyone! It’s the night before Christmas and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The fuel gauge wasn’t working. Looked at it and forgot to set the calibration dial back to 0. Easy fix thank goodness. Wet sanded the hood today. Ron has it ready to compound tomorrow. Then attach the accessories, install and start having fun!
New pics tomorrow evening.

Christmas finally arrived! Finished wet sanding, compound and buffed the hood. Attached all of the accessories windshield, mirror, dash pad and hood latch.

Well what can I say…it’s been one hell of a great journey! We’ve got a few things we want to adjust when it’s too cold to drive. In the mean time we’re going to just enjoy the fruits of our labor of love!

Here’s a before (after 2000 update) and after…today. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would have this opportunity. What a blessing to be introduced to Ron Ruggles 2+ years ago! What a refinement of every detail we could change or add to that was possible. We’ve had lots of laughs and frustrations from the original imperfections. What a tremendous experience to see mine and Ron’s vision become a reality!

I’ll try to get more and hopefully better pics tomorrow. I just ran out of time today.


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A few pics after our morning drive.


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All set for some summer cruising![cl[cl
I hope you're prepared for a whole new round of the inevitable "what is it??" questions :D
Looking so much better than its former selves, a real legacy car.
Thank you everyone!

No doubt on the new round of “what is it”! I drove it to the gas station just a block from the shop to top off the fuel and answered that question 2 times in the short time I was there. One guy asked if he could take a pic and one lady asked if she could take a picture for her boyfriend.

That is the first thing out of most everyone’s mouth or is that a kit car? However, it’s been that way since we built it. This time around it just looks so much more refined is the word I’ll use. Ron’s attention to detail really paid off on this project. It has exceeded both his and my vision!

Also, regarding the Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 EFI system…I’m impressed so far. It fired up first time we tried and every time since. There is a noticeable increased response in acceleration. No hesitation, no spitting or sputtering…just give me more if you dare!
I had to replace the starter yesterday. So while in the shop and on the lift an oil change was in order.

We had to do some rearranging of Ron’s shop the last week or so due to some unforeseen events. We expect to have that under control and ready to finish the front trim pieces for the finale body parts to be painted next week.

We’re looking for a company that can make custom emblems. Sinice this is the third rebuild and my last, we’re looking to find someone who can make an emblem to mount along the lower edge of the hood close to the cockpit that reads “Gold Series III” written in script and gold plated.

In the meantime, we’ve been out enjoying our time behind the wheel!


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Thanks Bob! I can tell you I’m enjoying every mile! I’ve put almost a thousand miles on since bringing it back home. I have another short trip planned tomorrow.

Sorry, my partner has been under the weather lately so we haven’t accomplished much other than trying to get him feeling better! We’ll be back at it soon after he gets well.

Lots of “what is it? ……kit car?

I pieced together some of the factual info for our local print shop to take my thoughts and refine them like refining the car. Suppose to have it ready to proof read later this week. My first car show is n September. My goal is to have this printed on some foam board, maybe framed to help preserve it over time.


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