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Here's something that popped into my head when you said that your amp gauge read too high. If your gauges are receiving too much amps or volts they will all read too high. What if your cooling problem was your temp gauge 'crying wolf' a lot. The rest of the system may have been OK.
It’s been so cold out I haven’t ventured out to take some pics. However, upon further evaluation, with all of the new electrical components comes higher amp demand. First, my old gauges from a 1958 Dodge only go to 30 amps. That got us to thinking about the alternator, was it big enough to handle the load? Our gauges told us we weren’t replacing as much as we were taking. Checking the alternator, it was the original one from 1967. I figured this would be a good time to retire it and order a new one wire chrome plated one instead! So I did get a 95 amp. It still peggs the gauge but we’re keeping the battery voltage up. Hopefully, the weather forecast will be warmer temps next week. I’ll get some pics soon I hope.
Watch that amp meter! If you have all the current flowing through it, it can overheat and cause a fire! A volt meter is a better choice. If it’s one of those amp meters that only flow a portion of the current, I think they call them shunted, you will be all right with it.

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