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May 22, 2015
Brand new tci th400 new torque converter ring gear water pump starter headers alternator. Also have Lokar oil dipsticks. I don't know a lot about it other then it's a 454 it was running when I bought it 2/12 years ago. I helped pull it out of a 55 Belair. But not sure of the year of engine but can get numbers if anyone is intrested.

$2000 for everything.

What I payed.
454 $1200 if I dig I can probably find the receipts
400 trans $1000
Flow tech headers around $600
Starter $100
Water pump $65
Dipsticks $100
Alt $100

Hit me up with offers also I just might be dumb enough to accept.
Also I don't need to sell this stuff so don't do what my face book morons do and say I'll give you $200 bucks for it all.


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I will be thru Wisconsin in a few days on my way north and then west if it helps anyone make a deal!

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