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Extremely dangerous with a torch!!!
Jul 18, 2008
Yup, Hi
Imma gonna write Y'all a book here

I'm living in Omaha
Grew up here right in the middle of it all.
Texas in summer
Canada in winter
If you don't like the weather wait a week.
I started out working in body shops and restaurants then I was a carpenter for 10 years.
2 years in construction I was a contractor general on small jobs and sub on larger jobs.
Packinghouse workers started getting into the construction work.
The local contractors who play under the table took them under their wing and ran the pay down to 3rd world wages...
My ol lady left me and I took to trucking.
I ran over the road for 4 years and bought a house

I fell for a nice redhead in Desmoines but before it turned into something epic I got sent on other routes and didn't get through there much and she got back together with her ex.
She was cool I still dig her, her nickname is Beep.

A woman will make or break a man there is no in-between

I've found you could love just about anyone

There's no such thing as a good or bad the fact that anyone is capable of absolutely anything.

At 6 years of trucking I bought a truck. A used 96 mack with 440k miles on it. Over the next 4 years I ran it up to 950k miles.
After $5/gallon fuel I ended up with a wore out truck and no where ethical to lease it on at.
I was also about half crippled from being on the road 130k miles a year.
I went looking for a job...everyone was looking for a job.
All the jobs available were for less than $10/hour to replace better paid workers already employed at higher wages.
That was October 2008
I had 17 projects and parts cars
I sold off all but:

* A 1986 c20 that was converted to a 1-ton dually. It came out of El Cajon Ca so it's pretty solid.
I blew up the 6.2
I was looking for another 6.2 for it but I'm sticking a 350 in it for now out of that truck I junked.
It's a 4 bolt main steel crank gm truck crate engine, it shouldn't mind 4:11 gears.

* There's my Ford 4x4...
77 f150
460 10.75:1 compression KB flattops
Motorcraft spreadbore
factory exhaust manifolds but 2.5" off them to a flowmaster 2-into-1 collector, big single muffler and 3" tailpipe. it sounds like a cross between a lumber truck and a mustang. If you calculate the volume of a single 3" pipe it's close to 2" or 2.25" duals.
the 77 got wrecked and I put all my goodies into a 76 f260 2 wheel drive truck. it now had the 77f150 4x4 running gear under it and the 460.
I sent the full time transfer case down the road and installed a part time gear drive case.
I have since purchased a 4 speed setup for the 460 but don't have it in yet.
I junked out a 67-72 f100 4x4 chassis. I'm swapping the 3:73 gears in my 76 for the 3:50 gears in the 67-72.

* That chassis and a van I cut up is what got me thinking ratrods.
I've always had a beater but I never had a ratrod.
I had cut up this 77 ford van and had it sliced up to make something similar to a diamond T cab from it. I gave up on it because I just found a 1950 ford f6 cab and I'll be using it instead.

I'm thinking of running the rear frame under the axle and running pancake airbags so I will have a real usable bed
I'm thinking suicide front axle 50 cab and hood (no sides) i'm undecided on the bed like a hauling ratrod truck or no bed just a bobber
It's getting 66 chevy truck trailing arms in the rear.
engines of choice are- 454 chevy, 460 ford, 390 ford, 389 dual quad 389 pontiac, smallblock chevy??? or find me a ford 240 straight six, they have a bore and stroke similar to a 327 chevy and really wind out.

* I have a 63 buick skylark special. it has the 200hp 4 barrel aluminum 215.
My plans for it are a straight axle front and a 9"ford from a 69 cougar in the rear and a 69 430 buick big block and th400.
I don't really want to call it a gasser because I don't like the nose in the air look.
I'm not out to offend or judge anyone's ride if they are into gassers

But I do want the thing to sit up just high enough for the tires to clear the wheel wells... About 6-8" over stock with the nose raked down about 2-3 degrees about like an empty f150 sits if that tells you what I like :)

* I have a 68 chevyII nova hidden in the garage behind parts. I cut it up 5 years ago and haven't patched it back up yet. it's waiting on the right tools to come along. I just swapped an old ac/dc stick welder for a small journal 66 327 with steel crank and double hump power pack heads to build for the nova.
I have a nice 200r4 and 3:42 10 bolt posi for it.
It's gonna be a sleeper. it's staying light turquoise metallic and bench seat shift on the column.

*right now I'm driving my 71 firebird project.
It has a truck 454 in it with the t-10 and disc brake rear from an 81 transam.
It is originally a manual brake 2barrel 400 automatic car with no options.
I kept the manual brake cylinder and used a new disc-disc proportioning valve.
IT STOPS AWESOME! and I don't have to worry about vacuum I just mash the whoa pedal and it's consistent.
It only cost me about $400 to rebuild the 4 wheel disc all new.
4 new rotors and reman calipers and e-brake cables, caliper ebrake arms from scarebird and juiced it up with silicon fluid to keep it from getting rusty in the calipers. those expensive rear calipers cost just $8 to re-kit if they don't get pitted inside.
I'm hustling up trying to get cleaned up before the snow wars and get the dually running. I'm afraid I might get the firebird stuck in a flat parking lot or total it on the ice...Kinda like grouse and's a greasy bird.

that's all my junk

Personally I'm between gigs.
I'm doing a little remodel work for a guy,
I drove again this summer and I just recently finished remodeling a 4800 sf commercial retail space and looking for more work.
I'm in the carpenter's union and do contracting on the side and a little welding and fab.
I have my own mandrel tubing bender, stick welder, and torches but I lost my mig to pawn last winter.
Keeping the house up and completing a job is primary
tools comes next.
toys last
I'm thinking about getting occupational injury and liability and offering myself as a contractor for short or long term too not just an employee. That might have more opportunity.
maybe even get a trailer and do some car hauling after I get the diesel rebuilt.
I'd like to put a 7.3 powerstroke or a dodge six diesel from a schoolbus in the 85 f600 and build a 2 car trailer for it.

Since I've gotten off the road my knees and muscles have rebuilt themselves, I'm getting back into shape pretty well. working on cars and doing construction will whip you to it. beautiful pain, makes it feel so good to lay down at night and sleep

I'm working on a few ideas for some books
I'd like to run for office
I don't fit in the boxes provided. In some way's I'm a throwback to the past. I guess that's what comes of respecting your parents and grandparents.
We have more in common socially with a poor family from Siberia, China, or Poland than with any family you'd normally see on the Television out of Hollywood
I'd like to get an internet business going and I have some ideas for a next generation wireless internet totally uncontrollable and free to access. a default internet as the original internet becomes politically and economically subjugated and censored.

a free network for free people. free as in beer... free as in speech.
not to replace the internet it wouldn't be as secure but to augment the internet for the people who cannot afford access and who don't want to be marketed, tracked or transact commerce with it...
it would be more like a Wiki-net than an internet protocol.

I'm into hotrodding anything... with or without wheels
Welcome to RRR!

I think you now hold the site record for longest intro! :D

You certainly like to keep your plate full.'s like I personally know you!!:D Hang around here and yak with the regulars, and you pick up their likes, dislikes and personalities. Shoot...after reading that intro, I like you already!! Where do you hang your hat when your in Canada? And welcome aboard.
I used to deliver alot in brampton off of steeles accross from the intermodal port and in niagra falls Ont. in the warehouse district west of goat island. Mostly a peace bridge and detroit crosser. I've nenver made a full trip accross Canada yet.
I have a friend up in Alaska is a commercial fisherman and would like to drive up there to visit someday. Always liked Neil Young and John Candy thought they were exceptionally nice folks then I get up to Canada and find out theyr'e just normal lol.
I'd sure like a tall cold Molson's Domestic. never knew what that was til I got up there...If I didn't know what it was called I'd just have to say "miss can you get me one of those beers that pours out off the bottle and melts in your mouth like ice cream and warms your face right up" :)

I never said how I found all Y'all
on accident...
I was trying to get signed up at KB but didn't meet their qualifications and they never asked me any questions lol
Made me wonder if Ryan bought KB with speedway gift certificates or sumptn...
Anyway, I spent a couple years over at the other place where they ain't got much of a sense of humor and it's okay for some folks to say everything and not okay for other folks to say anything.

Here's a few pics of my junk (not that junk):

86 chevy dually I'm working to get running again threw a rod on the 6.2 and haven't tore it down yet to see if the blocks good or not. I have a good 350 to put in it.

galaxie front.jpg
there's a 62 galaxie I had dreams for but should be converting to a couple house payments

A 1971 firebird I pulled out of the weeds and chocked full of goodies

The 63 skylark gasser project

My little helper

Man cave

one of my photoshop hacks. I actually use a program called GIMP in Linux.
I got mad when my 2006 roxio media suite stopped working and required an update. then they told me when I spent $60 I didn't buy the right to use 2006 indefinitely and had to renew my "subsciption" annually. I resolved to never buy any software I couldn't find legally free.
I have been using linux almost 3 years now and can help a little with it.
I have my computer setup so I can boot into windows 7 or into Ubuntu Ultimate edition.

towboom pickup (2).jpg
and the rig I put half a million miles on while up in the mountains west of Winchester Va.
I had it paid off but when the economy crashed and I was out of work I couldn't afford to keep it.
I've been out of work a lot last few years just hanging in there going no-where it seems sometimes.
And here is that 76 f250 (2 wheel drive ) extended cab I converted to 4x4 with half ton 77 4x4 parts.

project 4x4x2 024.jpg

The 2 pics of framework show where and how I spliced the frame horns and front crossmember from the 77f150 4x4 into the 76 2 wheel drive frame.
I originally was going to stretch my 77f150 frame but doing it this way all chassis load except for the steering box radiator support and front bumper are carried by virgin frame.

After welding in the frame horns and crossmember, the rest of the swap was all drill holes and bolt together.

I'm needing a gas tank. I might buy a new one or I might make one to sit in the same location behind the rear axle as the stock tank by splitting an 11 gallon air bubble in 2 and widening it about 24" with plate for somewhere around 30-40 gallons.
It's $100 for a 19 gallon stock tank and $200 for a 38 gallon tank if i go new. I already have the air bubble.

I need to get my dually running and get a regular job for a while.

Here are some pictures of my carpentry:

front room east view start.jpgfront room east view completed.jpgback room north start.jpgback room north completed.jpg

I'm cooking ribs today. It's a blizzard outside so I'm doing 10# of featherbones in a toaster oven...
5-6 racks at a time lol
it's taking all day.

This recipe came out good
to make em moist and tender sometimes I brine them like with chicken
10# featherbones
1 cup cinnamon sugar like you put on your toast
1/2 cup salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup crushed red peppers like you put on pizza
1/2 cup worshtershire
some onion and garlic
some lawrys seasonings
some brer rabbit blackstrap molasses depends on how smokey tasting you like them
half a dozen dried Hibiscus flowers or rose hips from the Mexican section of the grocery store.
some booze. this time I added 2 cups vodka and 1 cup triple sec
and enough water to disolve it all and flood the ribs in the pan
let them sit in the fridge like that a couple days
then grill them low heat nekked till they start to brown up
the flavor is all down in the meat.
The muscle tissue is hungry.
Fresh meat even that has been frozen is not dead.
It just hasn't had a meal in a long time so it takes in the water sugar and salt which brings all the flavor into the meat.
it's dead after you cook it or the wigglers eat it :)
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OK ,I had to break for lunch half way thru, welcome to RRR. Lots of interesting reading, I like your outlook and attitude on life.I also dont fit in boxes too well. I hope you find work soon, and keep posting.Thanks for the pics.
Thanks everybody for the warm hello. Hella cold out there!
I'm working on housecleaning for sure trying to get ginned up to put that 350 in the dually.
Don't wanna...Gotta...

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