56 Ford Fairlane hardtop.

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The clutch and flywheel are off now and I didn't find that last starter tooth that I was looking for. Tomorrow I'll take the clutch apart and check some more then take the whole thing to town to get balanced.


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I don't know whether I am hoping for it to be found or completely gone. There is something still making the motor vibrate at 1850 to 2000 revs. I was kinda' hoping to pluck that tooth out of it's hiding place and fix this problem.
I took my pressure plate apart today. This not a job for the faint of heart, or the faint of mind. There are only three little bolts but they are short and when they are only holding by their last two threads, the dozen heavy duty springs in there are still squashed up. You are supposed to buy the right tool to compress the springs and then release them slowly. I used a big 'C' clamp and some boards. Anyhow, there was no lost starter tooth to be found.

Today I sold two more cars. The pair was a '47 Mercury sedan and a '48 Monarch coupe. We loaded up the Monarch coupe onto his trailer and he went away. The last picture is fictional.


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So that's where your avatar pic comes from [cl Inspiration for the buyer to create one?? The Monarch has a very Chevy looking grille - if seen in the US, it would have been thought to be custom, not factory. [P
Torchie, the guys around here in the construction business call it an 'inventory realignment' sale. Usually they don't mention that the bank has helped them make their decision. AAAnd my customers, so far, are young enough that they'll probably make these projects come alive which is important to me. I'm still going to 'steadfastly' keep five or six projects.
Thank you for following along E-man.
ZZ, I think I should print out my 'fictional' avatar picture for him to follow. Although I think I chopped the car an inch too much to look right with the longer Mercury front-end.
I could see the Monarch grille looking like a Ford of the same era but I never thought of a Chevy also. Hmmmm.

On the flywheel balancing, the machining guy has my whole assembly, but he suggested that the balance problem could be in the motor. AAArghhhh.
I found the little pill shaped stamp on the flywheel flange that says the motor is a 312, so that is a positive.
I went to take a picture for you guys, of the little bump on the crankshaft flange that tells you it's a 312. I wiped the flange with a cloth to 'pretty' up the picture and the bump wiped off, easily. So, ---- I have a 292 with a little oily lump of dirt right in the best spot to humble me, violently. :(:(
Oh ya, OI, the 292 is a good motor and good enough for me. It pulls really well and it starts fast. A 312 would be cool though.
Dutch, it's really easy to fool people about the difference between a 292 and a 312. There's measuring the main bearing journals or finding that little pill shaped bump on the crankshaft flange. Both of these things are very hard to do.
I put the flywheel back in the Fairlane. This is the first time I've ever put a flywheel back on up in through the bottom of the bellhousing. The transmission is just pulled back far enough to get the clutch out, so you can't see when the holes are lined up. I finally made a headless pin and screwed it into one hole, then mounted the flywheel. That guaranteed that one hole was lined up, but I wanted all six lined up. AAAghrra. Here is a picture of it bolted on.


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