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Lest I be accused of neglect of the Rover project, I began putting Peel and Seal in the interior. On top of that goes the thermal insulation.

I'm still debating with myself about buying the 1929-30 Chevy truck. I certainly don't need another project.

A couple weeks ago I ran the dragster. It went quite wel but I did discover some things that needed attention. That drew my attention away from the Rover project. I'm back on the case now.

I've been picking away at the Rover. It runs and moves forward and backward. Only driven it 3 feet so far. Threw the seats in it with the camo covers that were on it in the junkyard where I bought the thing. Made door panels out of 1/8" plywood, varnished. I cut the steering wheel hub out of a beat up old F-1 Ford steering wheel and welded it in the Trans AM wheel in the pic. The steering column is from an F-1.
The dash is done, brakes bled and all the steering components installed.
Got to trailer it to the muffler shop, install the front sway bar, install the front fenders and hood, plus a hundred litttle things I can't even think of. It still sits high in front. I'm hoping it settles with a little driving otherwise I'll have to raise the rear a couple inches.

Going to take the dragster to the Meltdown Drags in Byron,Ill. this coming weekend so this week will be devoted to packing and getting ready for the trip.

First time it's been outside since the start of the build. It went out and in under its own power. I'm hoping the front settles down from driving. if not, there's a pair of dropped spindles on Craigslist I'm gonna pick up. Tuesday It gets the exhaust system. Then I'll be able to drive it and see if the front end comes down

The aluminum rocker panels were pretty wavy and beat up. I straightened as bestas I could and skim coated them. When they're installed the car will look pretty low.
Looking good. If your looking for level you might need the spindles, don't think it will settle that much [S
Enjoy you driving time, the first run a trip [cl (NPI)
Lookin' good Bob[cl[cl. It seems any time I've put new springs in a car, it always sits too high - how do they do it at the factory? Once I put Mustang II V8 springs in my V8 Pinto and it was way high - i just sliced off a coil.
Ya'll can start tossing tomatoes now...I think I'd kick the back up a smidge. These were never low stance vehicles and making them that way may improve some handling but I think they look "off" that way. Be easier too than replacing the front spindles...
Looking great Bob. Can't wait to see it with the rest of the sheet metal installed. Of course, it would look way better in my driveway! :D I'm thinking you may have to go to the dropped spindles to get the stance you're looking for.

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