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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
Today we took my Wife's 2002 Mustang GT to a coffee and cars. All types and sizes of cars were there of the daily driver type. Wife and I in our 60s were the oldest there. Most were 20s and 30s. This kids were the most respectful and friendly and we talked for over an hour with them. After that we went to a 200+ car show with more the type I go to car shows for. Crazy muscle cars, rats, gassers, old cars. Even a Mercury Station wagon that had to be 20+ feet long! Here we were more in our age group. As we walked through the crowd we talked to lots of very nice people. Questions were answered and we really enjoyed ourselves, at both events. It was so different than what is going on in the country today if you listen to the news. Maybe everyone just need to by a car have have fun with it and shut off the computers and TVs and have fun. Pictures from both events will be posted tomorrow. Jim
I disagree, keep up with the news, and be prepared as much as you can be, but don’t let it overwhelm your life.

When we go, either in the 82 Vette or the 47 Lincoln, we get a lot of the same age group people who are into the one or the other. I love it when kids like the 47, and blue hairs remember the Vette they had in the past. I was talking to a guy 10 years older than me the other day, he was surprised by my knowledge of old farm equipment , a lot of it older than he was.
Car guys and gals come in all ages!
I try to keep up with the news but have to admit it is tough sometimes. It is very possible we may have some dark days ahead. I was hoping at this point in my life I could just enjoy what I have built up my entire life happily. I hope it all works out. Jim
I quit watching television news, because it turned into opinions, not news. I try to figure out if I am reading opinion vs news on anything serious. But car shows and the people who attend them, are some of the best people in the world. Maybe because they can have an opinion, but in the end they know everyone else can have an opinion too.

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