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I think they might be Percherons, but I'll try and get the details when he comes back to get his sleigh.
Thank you Guys.
To pay for the sleigh ride, I get to put an old tractor on his threshing machine next time again and I get to stook until I'm not having fun anymore. What a great opportunity, eh?
Some 30yrs ago I got a call from a retired man in my town who bought his first horse, which was a 3yr old Friesian. With no experience whatsoever, he also purchased this sleigh, bells and all... long story short; That Christmas he came to town centre , fully dressed Santa with horse and sleigh. The horse heard the bells and must have thought it was a start sign for a drag race.... Everyone lived, but some needed clean underwear... :D
I grew up in the city, not many horses, except for the guy with the horse pulling a produce wagon up and down the streets.

Then there was the time me and two friends were underage drinking at night in a pavilion in a large city park called PennyPack, not far from a bridge that was built by William Penn and still in use to this day.

In the distance we hear this booming voice getting closer and closer, singing something about "eating your guts and drinking your blood..."

We froze as we hear horse hoofs along with the singing. Suddenly a mounted Philly cop comes riding through the pavilion, drunk as hell, holding a bottle of bourbon, says "Hows it going boys"!

...and rides out, singing more of the happy tune...The horse seemed to be enjoying it...
We had an old tractor "plowday" on Saturday. There were about 25 tractors there. The dirt was very, very hard, so everyone was trying to downsize their plows by trading their 'too big' plow for a smaller one. I was a popular fellow because I took four two bottom plows and two threes. Only some of the plows were lenders though, as I took four tractors. In the pictures, the Minneapolis Moline 'U' and the big Ford are my daughters and my son-in-law came to drive them. We had guests helping us drive so those two tractors worked quite a bit. [pic two] is the owner of the land driving the MM 'U' and excited as heck. When I was showing the land owner how to plow for a few rounds, I could feel the front wheels dancing on and off the ground most of the time, and that's in first gear. The ground was very hard.
The next load of tractors up to the field was, [pic three] the Ferguson and the Twin City. [pic four] is an action shot of me plowing with the Ferguson. I was scared that the Ferguson would not show well, but it did alright.
The last shot is the load of plows coming back home.


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It's fun to be the participant but, almost as much fun letting others experience the joy, that feeling we have while playing in our hobbies.
Here are some pictures of the old tractors at our 'Plowday'.
A John Deere 'R' pulling a 4 bottom plow.
A John Deere 80 pulling a 5 bottom plow.
A John Deere 'AR'.
A BaconBuilt four wheel drive, a homemade tractor by a local guy, Dick Bacon. It was made in the late sixties and put into the field in 1970. The first year, it didn't have a cab yet, and I remember seeing it at the county fair like that. There's a Detroit two stroke four cylinder motor in it.
My brother Rob loaded up his Cockshutts to go home.


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This coming week-end is Pioneer Days at our local museum. Some of the guys took an AR John Deere carb apart because it wouldn't start. That was the worst looking carburetor that any of us had ever seen, so I took it home and started fixing it. It looks like there was an inch of water and some of the new gasoline in the bowl for three years now. Boy Oh boy.


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Well, I sandblasted the inside of the carb and drilled out all of the gas galleries. Then I rebuilt the carb and put it back on the John Deere at the Museum. The tractor started up so that was time well spent.
From the Museum, I went to fix a 1948 Ford for a lady. I had previously diagnosed a coil problem, so had ordered in that weird Ford coil. After installing the new coil, I found there was still no spark coming to the sparkplugs. The whole distributor system came apart again, still no problem found. Agrrrrrrh. Some of my day didn't go well.
must me some kinda ignition problem then, right... ? :D

That carb sure looks nasty. I`m almost surprised you got it
Thank you Dutch.
Yes, OI, the distributer could be grounding out the little brass spring that brings the electricity to the points, or the little bolt in the points that anchors the spring and energizes the contacts could be the problem.
I'm going to keep whacking away at it.

Today, I attended a 'safety meeting' and got a couple of pictures of the Twin City plowing at our Plowday. I'm pulling a P&O two bottom plow. P&O sold out to International Harvester in 1919, but I think I-H kept the name alive for a few years. That still makes the plow almost one hundred years old, as is some of the tractor.


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