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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
I have started up a new place to waste time. :) Not meant to be competition for here, but more a companion if you will. I'm covering everything from 1946 up to 1990, especially street cars and drag cars. It's pretty basic for now, if it grows I'll upgrade to better stuff. It will be slow to grow I figure, but should be a fun place to spend a few minutes now and then. Come over and check it out, it's free!
I just figured I’d give folks here a chance to look it over and join if they wanted. I’m not going to be posting anything here about what goes on over there. If Tripper doesn’t want me to mention it here, I’m ok with that, his house, his rules.
Ok, we’re up to 31 members, most of which are from a recently closed Mustang and Ford board that we were all on. Even got one of the moderators from the HAMB, lol. Not a whole lot going on, but I expected that. Fakebook and the others have really hurt forums.

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