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Feb 7, 2018
Got me a 327 in the '53 Chev.

The 1979 305 that was in my '53, started smoking up the cabin at 40MPH, (pan gasket plus rear main), had a miss in one cylinder, compression test showed a range of 30 on the number one to 108 as the highest, the rest were between 85 and 100. But the plugs were not fouling so its assumed head work needed.

So my friends said waste not another dime on this boat anchor, and one of them found what was advertised as a 350 on FB market. The Block ID numbers which were posted in the ad said a different story, could be a 68-69 302, 327, or 350.

My friend insists that the fellow selling this engine knows not what he had, says he believes its a 327. So we hopped in my truck and drove to Sarasota to take a peek. This fellow was selling off a lot of car parts, including several engines, and this one was spotless, and had roller rockers, looked like some money was spent. The engine came out of a wrecked 71 El Camino...which occurred 14 years ago! Thats how long this was sitting. So I negotiated to 400 bucks.

We got it to my bud's house, where he has the equipment, bottom inspection was clean and showed marks of a rebuild, plus double timing chain, etc...we measured the stroke: 3.25 inches = 327!

So we did the swap a week ago, after doing the rear main, an EZ sleeve for the harmonic balancer plus timing cover seal and other preps...like mud dobber nests. I spent last Thursday/Friday doing the valve seals. I wish I documented all of this, but I was too stoked to get this done.

..and done it is, and I am now officially old school with a 68 327 which is strong, loud seems cammed up and not the slush that old 305 was. I finally dialed everything in yesterday and gave it a couple test flights. Now, I am eyeing a pair of block hugging sweep back headers at Summit, says for an SBC truck, but look like they will clear everything.

Did I say stoked...? :):cool::)


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Nice capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's the number is on the heads? Are they by chance 186's something like 3927186
If not no biggie just another feather if they are.
That looks clean. Good deal! I would keep the old 305. They are not as bad as some people make them out to be. I have had several and you can make some good power with them when they are in good shape. Much has been said lately about the scarce sbc motors. Being analog motors, there are rising in value.
good catch. had a shipmate in the navy that had a 51 chevy truck, 327 4 speed with fenderwell headers and the first set of turbo mufflers that i ever noticed.

Some say they are getting scarce others say there are a lot out there I’m just glad I got something ready ready to go


My cohort noticed the numbers on the head and said they go to a 1979-86 application, says they are ok but I could do better I will look again and see what’s up with them.
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I applaud your good luck, and I'm not even a Chevy guy.
There's just something cool about having a motor that has a sexy aura, as opposed to one that looks the same but everybody thinks it's a dog.
Good for you.

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