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Extremely dangerous with a torch!!!
Jul 18, 2008
Hello friends Ive not been on here in a long time.
Got wrapped up in politics
Been spending alot of time driving and getting my life in order.
Lost a little over 100#
Projects have come and gone
Still have that janky 63 skylark I might get a straight axle under one of these days.
Currently working on dropping a clean dry body on a 79 f250 supercab 4x4.
Picked up:
1960 f100 and a 2003 p71
Another 1960 f100
1958 thunderbird
about 6 or 7 ford trucks 1986 to 1996
My youngest brother died of cancer
My little dog survived cancer and died of old age
I got a bad concussion gettin T boned and have to build a new personality
Spending more time with my folks and other 2 brothers
... and strippers.💖💖💖
I even got HAF once for ****s n giggles
Some of what's been going on...
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Some of my critters


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More critters
Never underestimate the healing qualities of a stripper 😆
Stephanie is a VERY cool chick
She's the first friend I've had with an onlyfans and the one who lured me to the club where I've made other friends.
Told her about the s*** I was going through and word got around they've been real sweet to me helping me with my social skills and stuff as I work out a new personality.
Life coaches 🥰
NO they are not prostitutes there. It's a real nice bevy of broads.
The guy runs a tight club.


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Welcome back Torchman... always wondered what was up with ya! If I didn't know better... I'd say you were a Ford man! [cl[ddd
Welcome back Torch.
I like your collection, especially the square body 60 trucks. Ever since Dad brought home a 60 Mercury truck in about 1964, I've liked them.
Keep on tinkering.
Glad you are surviving what life hands out. And remember, dancers are for entertainment purposes only. (wink wink) Ask your doctor if dancers are right for you. :D [ddd Side effects may include, but are not limited to, smiles, heart break, weight loss in the wallet area, and a general good time. Do not over indulge. :D :D :D
Welcome back Torch.
I like your collection, especially the square body 60 trucks. Ever since Dad brought home a 60 Mercury truck in about 1964, I've liked them.
Keep on tinkering.

They grow on ya. I had a 55 chevy truck and i actually like the ford fridge more

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