*Build... '28 FORD cab with VW Beam

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Doc Wheeler

New member
Feb 16, 2012
*Yo and Howdy...
1924 Ford bone stock in barn...

*I'll get to the rant... VW beam on hot rod is a ok
1. *I have a title to 1965 VW NOT a 1928 Ford.
2. *I trust in Dr. Porsche and his torsion bar engineering
3. The beam is laying in my yard with disk brakes, wheels ect
4. Haveing wandered all over Arizona hyways with a strait axel truck.. VW offers independent suspension.
5. VW beams are sexy.. (My high school Girlfriend said so... and there's good reason buggy springs are called suicide front ends.

*Peace and LOVE
KILL a commie for mommy!

Doc Wheeler
USNR Vietnam 1972
*Burn one 4 fun...

*The '28 cab was pulled out of abandoned blackberry field with .22 bullet holes like swiss cheese.
I've chopped 4 inch out of top..

*Heres how...
eye protection and optional gun muffs hearing

Set table saw to 4" with carbide blade... saw off tops of doors.
pass door frame again to saw off additional 4"..

disassemble cab back... set aside rear cab window panel... leave un cut...
run corners against table saw at 4"

Welcome to Undead Sleds, from northern Alberta.
This project sounds interesting, partly because I also have a Model A that I need to make into a hotrod.
Carry on. Oh and can we see some pictures.
Welcome to the group from New Mexico. That’s an interesting project. As you can see from pic, I went the other way, VW body on a Chevy Luv chassis.
As mentioned pix are mandatory 🤪

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