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May 11, 2007
Fruita, Colorado
It came up on that metal post of the weird skull guy I built,
and it got me thinking. Seems as if everyone wants a picture of the ride they built to show up in a magazine.
First, what are the odds?
Second, how many of you have accomplished this feat?
i guess it would depend on the calibur of the magazine but i built a cadillac lowrider in the late 90's that was in 2 issues of "lowrider magazine"

1 time it was featured and the other time it was in the backround of my friends car from the same car club
i think the odds are pretty low to actually get a "feature" in a well known mag but just getting into a mag like in a backround shot or what i call a "spot shot" where they just take a pic of a part of your car is pretty easy if you go to popular shows and enuf of them

some times it pays off to find the photographer at a show and tell him about a part on your car and tell him you want him to check it out

after awile we got to know the promoters of the shows and the magizine people
It's been a while, but I've had cars/trucks featured in mags and on the cover. Super Chevy, All Chevy, Truckin, and a couple of others. In my case, it was a matter of showing up at a fairly big event and having a mag staff, or freelance photog see the vehicle and like it. They approached us and asked if they could photograph the car or truck for a feature article. Then they either made an appointment to take the pics at a scenic location or they took them at a remote location at the event. I subscribe to a little known pulication named "Gasser Wars". A couple of issues ago, I opened up the mag and found a fairly good pic of my Anglia in there that I didn't even know had been taken.
"Spot shots", I've had a bunch of those, a couple of features as well. Then I bought a truck and it later turned up in Truckin. That last one of my grill was not a surprise because 3 different photographers took tons of pictures, and one got all the info about the truck, another got my info to contact me later. It just seems like you never know what they want. These were all freelance photographers, I have heard of some keeping the pictures and info for years.
I sent an e-mail to Ol' Skol Rods telling them how much I like their mag. 2 of my cars are in the mail section. Rod & Kulture came out this last Saturday to shoot the 51' Gasser. It was a 2 1/2 photo shoot (no pin ups, sigh). I don't think I will ever do that again. Jeez, was I bored.
I did notice that cars that are featured in mags seem to command a higher price.
My father and i built a T bucket years ago that had a checker board firewall. After he sold it to a buddy the firewall and car showed up and a few mags. My grandfather's 54 hudson wasp made the advertisement poster for the street Machine Natls in Tampa one year as well.
My Chevelle was on the cover of the May issue of Car Craft. Upper right hand corner.
They done a five page story called "Round Track Rebellion".

Freiburger also mentioned it again in the June issue, on the last page of the mag.


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Generally, my cars are built to suit me. It doesn't matter to me if anyone likes my cars. There's a 50's Diner called "Ricky and Ronnies" where I live. There's also a guy with a 58' Impala that thinks his car is better than everyone elses. Granted, his car is very nice, but not my cuppa tea. Anyway, they were doing a photo shoot for the restaurant and asked me and a buddy of mine to park our cars in front of the restaurant. The guy with the 58' had just gone around telling anyone that would listen, how great his car was. How he was always asked to park in front, but he wanted to be with the "regular" guys. Well lo and behold, when we moved our cars to the front, the guy with the 58' packed up and left. :D
I got a big kick out of that :p
I went to lunch one day at Denny's, and to have something to read while eating, I picked up a Southwest Floriday Visitors Guide. It's a little book that lists attractions, things to do, etc. After I sat down, I started looking at it, and on the cover was a hot rod.......HEY !!! IT'S MY HOT ROD !!! :eek: Evidently, a photographer took it's picture at a cruise, and used it.

I felt as if it was on the cover of the Rolling Stone :D, and still have about 10 copies of that booklet. Not a big deal, but nice to see anyway. :D:D

Just got an e-mail with one of the photos taken of my car at the photo shoot. Nothing like a pro, the photog sure made my car look good. The pics was taken at 06:30 PM in a High School parking lot. :p
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I'll just be happy to post mine on RRR when i get finished :) I'm pretty sure I'll never make the magazines. I may make it on the bulletin board at U pull it's junk yard :D
I just got back from a car show. Had a photographer get in the Bonehead truck and take lots of pictures, including my seats. Still no feature. But I bet the seats make it. She took a great picture I would have never thought of. The reflection of the back of the steering wheel from the glass in front of the old gauges. That one should be cool.

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