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Aug 5, 2013
New guy and Son building a 47 Ford Truck


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Hi 56, and welcome to RRR from northern Alberta. Hopefully you'll tell us a little more about you in the coming thread boxes. I'm glad to see that you've got the picture posting figured out so quickly. That truck is a '40 or 41 Ford 1 1/2 or 2 ton. Your fenders will be a little wider than a pick-up trucks so you will have more room [maybe 4"] to put wider steering gear under there. If you're looking for a passenger door, I think anything from '38 to '47 will fit, but the beltline reveal lines change somewhere between '39 and '42. Here's a picture of my '47 Ford PU. It has a different hood sides than yours. I can't find my picture of a '45 Ford big truck grille to show you what a '47 would look like.


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Chicago (pt2)

Thx all..

Basically bought sight unseen out of a field in South Dakota..guy said it was a 47 Ford...we actually got 2 bodies, a chassis, a flathead, some extra fenders and grills for 1k. Figured we could build something out of it...

Thanks for the info and help...


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Hi 56. When you add all your parts up, you have a very good start for a hotrod. I came down on you too harshly at first, saying it wasn't a '47 cab because I didn't want you to go looking for a '47 hood or grille and then find they didn't fit. The back cab may be a '47. I always liked the headlights mounted on their little pedestals such as yours has. You're off to good start; Go for it.
No worries Merc.... We are going to go for it...
More than happy to have input/feedback and any other accumulated wisdom....!

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