Child hood death machine!!!!

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Sep 23, 2012
So I drove the tires off this thing when I was a kid. It's a pennies sold scat tracker. Has cutting brakes and a limited slip differential. We always drove it with a 3 horse Briggs & Stratton on it it now has a six and a half horse predator that will probably not stay stock for long. I talked it out on the road in front of my house at 26 miles an hour! I will be ditching the John Deere green and yellow paint and going for more of an original heavy metal flake color. Probably gold! Since I still have lots left over from Cleopatra. I will be powder coat the frame black and straighten out the front Fork cuz my sister bent it when she ran into a piece of farm equipment when we were kids I guess this thing is kind of rare so I would like to try and at least to get it as close to his original Glory as I can


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Funny, I read the title "Child hood death machine!!!!" And immediately pictured a 3 Wheeled Honda ATV in my mind. Then I clicked and saw your scat tracker......What are cutting brakes?

It has an individual brake for each rear tire. Turns super fast!!
Crazy the stuff we did as kids eh? That thing looks really cool!
We had a Honda three wheeler, and one of those four wheel Odyssey's - both of them had FAR too much top speed for those balloon tires. I'm surprised my brother and I are still here!
When I was a kid my neighbor had one of those. We rode it some but it mostly stayed broke down. Lol
Do the brakes operate with foot controls?

I rode my cousin's Honda trike once. Once was enough for me, I love riding dirtbikes but couldn't get used to the feeling of a trike!

Originally they were hand controls but they did not work very well. I have ordered up a hydraulic brake setup like I'm using on my girls van dirty. So they will be foot control then
Rode a 3 wheeler once. Leaned the wrong way on a sharp turn in the dirt. Ouch!

U sit so loe on this,one I have never seen it even pick a tire. Also it doesnt have a solid live axle so if it does loose traction it will spin on the lose tire faster
Nice!! yeah I thought about those old 3 wheel Honda's too when I read Childhood Death Machine... actually had a buddy crash one, no helmet and now is suffering traumatic brain injury... won't ever be right or so the doctors say.. :(
You guys make me laugh.
I would have killed to have a "Store bought" anything.
I had two Home built childhood death machines.
First was a radio flyer red wagon with a Briggs and Stratton 3-1/2hp engine strapped to the back. Direct drive and the only way to shut it off was to ground out the spark plug. Usually with your elbow.:eek:
It was a screamer on the straight away but tippy on the curves.:D
The second one was a Schwinn heavy duty 3 speed bike that I stick welded a plate to between the frame area above the pedal sprocket to mount yet another B+S engine on. The upgrade was this one had gears and neutral. Also 3 speeds.[cl :cool:
Maybe it's time to build another one.[cl
Well, its getting closer to the snow season here. So why not get our favorite killer 3 wheeler ready along with everything else!!!

I'm fitting a ski and snow blower tracks to the bad girl for some winter fun!!


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Bring it LB. We got in trouble as kids withs dads power mowers, belt driven Reo, had the expanding pulley set up to tighten drive belts. Dad not happy to find us driving the converted death trap around the neighborhood. Wide open was quick. :D
reallY ? !!

i have never seen one of these !! how i wouldve killed (or be killed) with one of these !!!!

how big a human can it take ?

wheeled or tracked it looks like huge fun !!!
reallY ? !!

i have never seen one of these !! how i wouldve killed (or be killed) with one of these !!!!

how big a human can it take ?

wheeled or tracked it looks like huge fun !!!

Hahahahaha, its fun for sure!!!

I'm 5'10" and can ride it
Will the engine turn all that?
I have a friend that installed a track kit on a Toyota PU and the poor thing would barely get out of its own way. (22 RE)

Thats just a toyota problem hahahahahaha

It will get geared down

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