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SnoPro440-- Is the CC8182 the only sm mower/tractor with the Kubota WG600 gas motor that you know of?

As far as I know it's the only Cub that had it. As far as other applications, I haven't been able to find out what else they were used in.

As a funny sidenote, I was trying to locate new taillights for the 2182, a google search of the part number cast into the lens came back with some interesting results. They're the side marker lights from a 74-79 Chevy Vega or Pontiac Astra. If you read the Cub Cadet forums, they believe you have to buy all the parts directly from CC Parts retailers, but really they used parts from all kinds of stuff. The U-Joints on the snowblower drive shaft cross to a ford truck.
Hey Old,

I took all the plastic off the 2182 today, so I snagged you some more photos of the WG600.


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SnoPro -- Thanks for the pictures, that motor is a sweet setup in a 2182. You have a rare mower/tractor setup that must be real handy.
SnoPro -- Thanks for the pictures, that motor is a sweet setup in a 2182. You have a rare mower/tractor setup that must be real handy.

It is! Unfortunately, with the lack of previous maintenance (or good previous maintenance) I'm chasing a lot of little problems, but slowly I'm getting there. I was using the loader to move stuff around the yard and push a bit of snow yesterday, since my snow blower restoration isn't yet finished (hopefully this week). The tractor quit twice while the PTO was engaged for the loader, and the second time the loader stopped working. So I tore the loader off and took all the plastic off to get at the PTO clutch... I thought my PTO clutch quit. Nope, it was the hydraulic pump on the loader. So good news bad news there, but at least the snow blower will work fine with the tractor when I finish it by next weekend, and I now have the loader off for the winter as planned.
In the ongoing saga of bad new parts...

I'd been having an intermittent issue since Christmas with the tractor not running right. Christmas day it filled the crank case with gas. Thought it was fuel, fixed some issues there. Thought it was the governor, fixed some issues there too. Saturday I fired it when my dad was here and it was running on 2. Tested for spark on dead #1 with another plug and it was fine. That got me thinking. I tore the air cleaner housing off the top yesterday and pulled #1 and checked it for spark. Nothing. Some manipulation got spark out of the threads, the hex, wherever.

This was an NGK that was new 2 falls ago, maybe 25-30 hours on it.

A new NGK, changed the gassy oil out of the crankcase again, and I'm back in business.
First I've heard of that one but, weirder things have happened. Glad to hear it's running again.

Back in the 70's-80's my dad always used Autolite spark plugs at his shop, then suddenly they kept having problems with them. It turned out FRAM started making Autolite plugs. NGK have always been reliable for us but there's bound to be a bad one. It was hard to find.

It nearly turned green in the process [ddd

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