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Nov 15, 2013
Flawda Flats
I've been wanting to start a thread here for a while that may be of help to lots of us for those odd bits of info. I've been collecting any kind of diagram that gives dimensions, wiring methods, suspension set ups, some factory specs on certain car, etc...for ages. I intend to just title each reply with a simple description of the diagram and maybe we can gleen info for ourselves. Not taking any responsibility for accuracy as most of these were taken off the internet and other sources such as books and manuals and sometimes some factory brochures and the such. Hope it helps some people out. They are going to be pretty random.
This first series is Mod A windshield frame info:

Feel free to add replies with any ya'll have. Just put a title to the reply and post the pix.
It's gonna take a while to get all mine posted, but there'll be more. Maybe some more tonight. Lots of this info is old news to some but to others maybe they'll see something to use or re-design to their use. I have 6 or 7 more diagrams with different turn signal set-ups. Some from the home made toggle switch variety to some of the old vintage mechanisms that we've seen in after market stuff over the years. Lots of them have different features and different color schemes but it's nice to find one that matches what you're trying to use and you have something to use as a guide. Seems like they all wire differently....
Stay tuned!
some Model A dimensional pix....


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