Draggin' on Dirt Old School Dirt Drags 6/2-4/23

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Nov 24, 2011
Downtown Hooper, CO
SLV FAST FRIENDS, a local non-profit charity I run, is bringing the dirt drags back to Monte Vista, Colorado. The Hot Rod Dirt Drags took place here for five years, but the last event was in 2019. The strip is on the site of an historic dirt airfield that served as an auxiliary US Army airfield during WWII and was once the Monte Vista Municipal Airport.

I was approached about bringing an event back to the same venue, because the people that attended in the past love it and the town and county make a pretty good bit of money from an event of this size. There are poeple coming from across the country for this three-day event, and we are busting our tails rounding up sponsors to help pay for all the permits, an ambulance on-site for three days, a fire truck, trash, portable toilets, printing and advertising, and printing 500 t-shirts in advance.

Mark Ervin, a regular on the HAMBs Friday Art Show and a great hot rod artist, is designing the shirt/poster art, and we already have people wanting to order the shirts before they even see the design.

I don't want to make this too long, but there will be dirt drags for pre-'65 traditional rods, customs, and motorcycles on Friday Saturday and Sunday, as well as a car show, vendors, food, and lots more, including a downtown block party and slow cruise on Saturday night.

There is more information and pre-registration available on the website. All proceeds after expenses will go to the local 4-H foundation, covering all five counties in the San Luis Valley. https://dragginondirt.com


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Y'all can watch some dirt drags on You Tube. Cool cars.

Also, I believe the ice drags in Merrill, Wisconsin are coming up soon. A couple of the Southeast Gassers are going to be there.

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