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Sep 26, 2014
new zealand
ok guys..

one i my customers - an auto sparky - showed me this ingenous little trick for taping / repairing looms in tight spaces..

i wound some tape on to a short section of pvc pipe... turned out to be the ducks nuts ( can i say that ? )

cause you all know 1 big roll of electrical tape in a tight spot can bring out some nasty curse words, particularly when you are upside down !!

i read somewhere recently not to hook up the power wire for elecric choke directly to the coil.. re -route rquired - i fed the wire back to the red light i added in for the 3 wire alteernator .. hopefully no fires shall be found


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Probably gonna get rocks thrown at me for saying this but here goes.. Guys if you have any of your circuits wrapped with electric tape and they get exposed to moisture, you're risking failure. It'll last a while if it's kept dry, but anything that sees moisture will degrade quickly. Problem is electrical tape does a poor job of keeping water out to start with and once it gets in, the tape's glue is changed in consistency and does a better job at keeping water in. On circuits in the elements, a loose bundle with no covering is better to let the moisture escape. Loom is better than tape.
Here's the Poorboy's rendition of your little trick, Crate. When I get the roll of tape used down to a small circle, I put it away for the future and start with a new roll. When I need that small roll, [to avoid all that nasty cursing], I just grab my saved 'small roll' and sneak it into the tight spots.
Smallfoot, when I was trucking, [most of my life], I had to contend with not only water spray but salt water spray [salt added to the highway to melt ice]. We learned how to tape up wires carefully, not willy-nilly, and we added either electrical grease or silicone to the back of plug ins or connections. I have used liquid electrical tape, and it is water tight, but you have to let it dry before anything touches it, and in trucking you can't fiddle around for an hour watching black glue dry.
There are workarounds to everything and I wasn't trying down play the taping tricks. Being in Florida and working with wiring circuits every day for a lifetime I've seen lots of failures. Not the tape's fault but more the idea that tape will do the job of keeping moisture out kept me extremely busy!
The shirt piece of PVC is a great idea for tight places.
We cover everything with split loom and only tape the ends.
Quick story, the young man, working with me, would tape the wires together about every 2 feet to make installing the wire loom easier. I told him I didn't like it for the simple reason of rerouting or replacing a single wire. He got to experience what I meant the day he had to remove an entire bundle to get to one wire.
I'm sorry Smallfoot. I worded that about taping a little too belligerently. I meant what you meant, that some people speed wrap their wires and then blame the tape for not keeping out the water.

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