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Rebel Rodder
Apr 1, 2011
Cocoa FL

Get this piece of trash while it's still a hot dumpster fire. The unending beauty of this twenty-year-old hunk of German failure is yours for the easy peasy price of only three thousand dollars and whatever else I can persuade you to pay me for it. I have paid in pounds of flesh and my bones have no more grind for the stupid nonesense that this alabaster disaster keeps throwing at me. You had better have some deep pockets and balls of steel to dare purchase this archaic amalgam of metal waste that someone allowed to grace the asphalt roadways of the Virginia countryside. If you are a priest or something maybe you can exorcise the demons that have cost me over $10K in parts and labor for a little broken-down country-club-white poop mercedes of an ignorant donkey vehicle. Buy this garbage turd machine at your own risk.

It needs front right fender ($160 used from parts place in PA). It also could use a catalytic converter (doesn't affect drivability, $350 from place in town). Sometimes there's a faint smell of gas, my shop says they can't reproduce the issue so I live with it (can only smell at standstill with AC in non-recirculate mode). It's my daily driver. Someone save me from this devil car before I change my mind and do more repairs which will probably happen next time I get paid. And the time after that. And the time after that.

Inspection good through at least June 2017, maybe later - can't remember.

He is correct.

To me, all these new cars look pretty much the same anyhow. Rounded, painted bumpers and no class or soul and certainly no design artistics. Yeah there are a few you know when you see them like the Challenger but for the most part they are all generic cookie cutters.

I long for the days when you could tell a Ford just from the roofline across a parking lot or a Mopar from the sound of the starter a mile away.

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