Fess up!!! What kinda car did you drive in High School!?

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Older and more rusted every day!
May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
I'll rat my old self out! I graduated HS in '67! No... not 1867! While a lot of my friends drove '57 Chevys... I drove a hot rod '57 Lincoln Capri hardtop. It was a pimp mobile indeed & had a big ol 390 & would eat highway. What'n real fast off the line but had an awesome top end. And of course... my theme song was "Hot Rod Lincoln"! What did u drive? Er... did I mention... the chicks loved it!!! :D:D:D

Started with a 63 Impala (4 door) , had a 72 Ford Pickup with a Police 390 from a Galaxy, ( can you believe we scrapped the car for the motor?) Ended up with an early style Ford Bronco. (bigger back seat)
My first good car I could actually drive to town was a 1956 Cadillac I bought for $500 from the original owner with 32,000 miles. That was about 1969. I drove it about a year and traded it in for a 1964 Olds Cutlass 2 door hardtop. It was white with red bucket seat interior and a stickshift.
A stock 78 bright red 305 Camaro my Dad gave me the keys to when I was
14. (I had a age restricted license at the time.) Had a personalized tag that said - CHK MGNT [cl [ddev

I loved that car! Not a hot rod by any standard but for a 14 year old kid, it didn't need to be. Of course I figured out how to make it go way faster than I ever should have! I pegged it at 130+ several times on a secluded stretch of Kansas highway. Yes - I was a stupid kid and I admit it! Good thing I'm still here to talk talk about it actually. Even better that I didn't kill anybody else!!! I was always proud that I never wrecked that car. Then during my senior year in high school, (82) some old lady ran a stop sign and took it out for good! :(

Highschool,eh,lets see little fuzzy,think it was yellow and very big.I did have a motorcycle thou,didn't get a car till after highschool when I went to colledge.Started with a 67 beetle, then a 76 LTD hardtop,black with white interior.Did a lot of croptouring with that.
not actually a car it was a chevy truck with a 454 in it ran and sounded great body was junk so many body panels from the junk yard it was nine different colors never lost it in a parking lot though,lol.
not actually a car it was a chevy truck with a 454 in it ran and sounded great body was junk so many body panels from the junk yard it was nine different colors never lost it in a parking lot though,lol.

Sounds similar to one a buddy of mine had in high school. Not much to look at all but that thing would scream! Guys would laugh at him once when they first saw it but a nicely built 454 backed by a 4 speed quickly changed their minds. They forgot that his Dad was a state champion drag racer! :D
Started high school with a 61 Impala convert, beautiful car. Went to a 63 1/2 Falcon Futura with a screamin 289 and a factory 4 sp. ended with a 65 GTO, 389, 3-2's, 4 spd.(didn't get to drive to school much cause when I did it was too hard to stop at school!).:D...CR
88 s15 jimmy, 93 jeep cherokee, 89 ford bronco, 78 ford bronco...... let's just say the rust suckes back home, the vehicles would desintegrate out from below you.....
Sad thing was I actually bought all of them in high school.
Beat the crap out of 2 vehicles throughout high school. Started with a 88 Olds Delta 88 and moved on to a 88 GMC S15. I had a 62 Chevy half ton but worked on restoring most of high school so did not drive it till much later.

I drove a 1964 Falcon Sprint. 2 Dr hardtop, 289 4 barrel, 3 on the tree, 69 Mach 1 wheels,black red interior. I WILL have another one and my uncles 68 Cougar XR7 he bought in 69 or 70 and is parked in the gerage.
73 impala 4 door with high jackers in the rear 350 warmed alittle pushed that chuck of iron to a 15 flat in a quarter mile at eastex speedway kingwood texas. the good ol days.

I graduated in 98. I drove a 61 Ford Unibody. 223 straight 6 and 3 on the tree. I bought it for 1000 dollars. White with blue interior. Plain black wheels with chrome baby moons and beauty rings.

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