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May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
When I got the Rambler it didn’t have a motor & tranny so it sat kind of high in the front. After I put a V8 & auto tranny in, it still sat higher than I wanted so I cut the front springs 1 1/2 turns! Then it sat exactly like I wanted & I knew I would need new shocks so I measure the distance & ordered a shock that was that distance in the middle of a shock’s travel I found online. Installed them but the front is pretty bouncy. I guess my choices are to have new springs made to set the car a couple inches higher (like Mrs Tripper wants), or try to find a stronger shock! Any help would be appreciated!

Rambler Bastrop1.jpg

When you cut the spring it made it stiffer because it doesn’t have as much room to compress. It’s not hitting the bump stops is it?
Any way to go to an adjustable coil over?
Thanks guys! I'll probably wind up getting new springs made but 1st I'm gonna try some Bell Tech Nitro 2 drop shocks or something similar like OI suggested because there are 3 or 4 shows coming up in the next month & maybe I can limp along until they're over!

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