Guess who just tested Covid positive ?

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May 11, 2007
fort myers florida
Two girls who work with my son Dan came down with Covid, so he needed to go and be checked out himself, so , since we live together, I thought it would be best for me to go too. So last Saturday we drove to a testing lab in separate cars and we got tested.

Dan was negative, but I came up positive !!!!!!!!!! I have had mild symptoms, on and off since then, but generally feel fairly good. I have quarantined myself in my room and I have my own bathroom, so for the next two weeks these will be my complete world.

My sneezing has pretty much stopped as well as my coughing, but I am drinking a lot of liquids and getting tons of sleep. This is really odd because I go nowhere without a mask and even then I just run into the grocery store and run back out and use hand sanitizer. I also only go to just my shop where I was mostly alone.

This virus is really something else, and we never know where we get it. Dan is also quarantined for the next two weeks and is working from home because he has been near me. I don't care if I am sick, but I really do not want to see him come down with it.

Stay safe out there guys. This thing is nothing to fool around with.
Sorry to hear that Don. Hope you get over it quick and your boys will stay negative. Please keep us informed about you and your family.
Sorry to hear this, but glad you found out so you can do your part to prevent the spread. This is some bad S***. Take care.
Are you taking anything for it Don? I’m 99.999% sure I had it in Jan, before they even knew what it was. Had the Symptoms, hard to breath, chills, fever. Went to a emergycare, Dr gave me two shots, a steroid and a shot of arizathimician (sp?) and a pack of zinc pills. Next day I was fine. About two months later, I had what they called the “ COVID toes”, two of my toes turned purple like they were bruised, but they weren’t. No pain or fever then, just the purple toes, that lasted about two weeks.

They say if you get treated early, you increase your chances. I’d see if I couldn’t get a Dr to give me some Regentron I think it is called, it seems to be helping a lot of people.

IMHO, wearing a mask does little to keep you from getting it. We’ve been under a mask mandate for Six months now and have more cases now than we’ve ever had.

I’ve got a 94 year old Great Uncle that just got over it, so your chances are good if you’re healthy.
I can't figure out how people that seem to take all the precautions they can still come down with this crap!!

Stay positive.
Get well soon.
I agree with Bamamav. It's highly contagious. You can take all the precautions but you cannot guarantee you won't be exposed to the virus. If you are exposed, you may or may not get it. If you get it you may or may not get really sick. And so on.

My humble opinion is this virus is going to run through most of the world's population and be around for a long time just like the common cold. Then gradually taper off with the implementation of a vaccine. Hopefully there will be no untoward side effects or future problems caused by the vaccine.

I wish the news would report actual deaths from the virus and not include those that die with the virus, but not from the virus. Also, the age breakdown would be revealing.

So far, in Minnesota the average age of deaths from Covid is higher than the average age of deaths from all other causess by about 7 years. 88 years compared to less than 81 years.
Get well soon Don!

It's interesting that some doctors are claiming Ivermectin will kill this virus. There seems to be no real desire to bring that up other than the big pharma people don't want that news out. Ivermectin has been proven safe. It's been used to fight other virus for years in humans and many maladies in horses as well.
Thanks for the good wishes, guys. Dan just told me he got the results of his second test that they sent off, and he is also positive. That really bothers me more than me getting it.

I suspect I had a mild case of this last March or so. Out of all of our employees that I work with every day, they were dropping like flies. About 7 of them got deathly sick in one week. I kept working, but after a couple of weeks I got sick too, but it passed after a few days.

My stomach is touchy today, and Dan is coughing a little. I can not wait for 2020 to end !
I'm not really surprised that your son's repeat test showed positive for the virus. My bro-in-law was exposed to it over several days while he stayed with his dad (my father-in-law), who, at 90, was still living alone. They took my father-in-law in to the hospital the next Monday, and he had passed away by early evening, before we could even get there, because we were at a hospital 75 miles away with our 27 yr old son, who had just been diagnosed with leukemia the week before. (Our son is in remission, but will be under treatment until at least mid to late May of next year.)
Anyway, soon after my wife's dad died, her brother got really sick, too, and had to be hospitalized for 5 days, on oxygen. They did 4 Covid tests on him, all negative, while his wife, who hadn't been with my wife's dad hardly at all, tested positive on the first test. They kept on giving more tests to my bro-in-law, because they "knew" that he had it, based on all of the other symptoms, and had a medication available that they wanted to give him, but weren't allowed to w/o a positive test result.
A member of our congregation, in his 50's, I'd say, was in the hospital for 10 days, then released, then back in again later. He lived, as did my bro-in-law.
I don't think anyone really dies FROM the virus, it's just the path for other existing diseases that the person already has, or in many cases, pneumonia, to take advantage of the patient's weakened state and cause the person's death. (That's what killed my father-in-law - pneumonia. But I doubt if he would have gotten it if he had not first contracted the virus. In that sense I think it is accurate to say that his cause of death was Covid-19.) It IS a reminder of the uncertainty of life, and the need to make preparations for eternity.
Anyway, I hope you both recover quickly.
hope you all get well soon!

this is definitely a weird deal. some people get it really bad some don't. that being said, they cant run fast enough to catch me and give me that vaccine. I'll take my chances.

stay safe guys!!
I am 72 and will take the vaccine as soon as i can. Masks are meant to keep you from giving the virus to others, not to keep you from getting it. I don,t think the virus is miraculously going to go away.
Please guys, reconsider taking the vaccine when it is available to you. It is no different from the small pox and polio vaccines that we have taken for decades. All the scientists and medical experts are 100% confident that this thing works, and if you take it you will be doing it for more than yourself, your loved ones and others will benefit.

I know "certain politicians" are spreading misinformation and fear about these vaccines, but please trust the people who do this day in day out and who know the real truth.
I agree with you Bruno and Don. We have to look at a bigger picture; when we take the vaccine, we not only immunize ourselves, but we won't help spread the virus if we are able to fight it off. Some of us will get the virus, and some of us will survive it, but while we're incubating it and fighting it off we can spread it to others who might die or spread it to even more people. The vaccine will forewarn your immune system so it can build an antivirus army to fight off the first viral invaders. There is no miraculous cure. Medicine may be able to beat it though.

Get Well soon Don.

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