Guess who just tested Covid positive ?

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Please guys, reconsider taking the vaccine when it is available to you. It is no different from the small pox and polio vaccines that we have taken for decades. All the scientists and medical experts are 100% confident that this thing works, and if you take it you will be doing it for more than yourself, your loved ones and others will benefit.

I know "certain politicians" are spreading misinformation and fear about these vaccines, but please trust the people who do this day in day out and who know the real truth.

no way in hell, they have been dealing with cancer for how long and cant find a cure for it but they can research, test and produce a vaccine in 9 months?!?!?!?! they have no idea long term affect. its not political at all for me.
Let's not fight about it. We all have our views and opinions, so I'm keeping mine to myself.

Sorry. Not trying to fight about it. I have many friends and family in the medical community and all of them have said the same thing oh, they won't get it either. You are right though everyone has their own opinion
And one thing we can all agree on is we love Hot Rod so let's get back to that
My wife is a Nurse Practioner, ex wife is an RN, her husband is a Doctor. We also have lots of friends in the medical field and they are all getting the vaccine.

Just the opposite side of the coin.
My wife is a Nurse Practioner, ex wife is an RN, her husband is a Doctor. We also have lots of friends in the medical field and they are all getting the vaccine.

Just the opposite side of the coin.

My ex is an RN, and she and I have talked daily during this pandemic. She is going to get the shots, as am I, and so will my two sons. There is no hesitation on any of our parts, we can not go on living under the veil of this virus much longer. Life has been horrible for the past almost year, it needs to end.
I guess I have been lucky oh, I have not left this virus run my life. My wife and I have both worked throughout the whole thing. We won't go into more details because I could tell that a lot of us are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this. But that's how it works. No matter what be safe guys
I wish the news would report actual deaths from the virus and not include those that die with the virus, but not from the virus.

But then they couldn't keep half the population frozen in fear over a virus with a 99+% survival rate. Unfortunately this has turned into big business for many, including news media. Tune it a 5 for the latest info!! :rolleyes:
Thanks for checking in guys. Last night was the worst night I have ever experienced in my life. I tried sleeping, but my temperature was 101.7 and I was really out of it. I thought it was time to go to the emergency room, but I decided that would probably make me a long term patient there. So, I just laid in bed and the time went by so slowly.

At about 2:30 am I had dozed off finally, and when I woke up a little later I was drenched in sweat. My fever had broken and I was 98.6. Today it hovered around 99.5 and I am really wiped out physically.

Let me tell you all, you DO NOT WANT TO GET THIS THING ! I knew it was a tough virus, but I had no idea how tough. I am getting ready for bed and I hope I do not have another night tonight like last night. Even as careful as I have been, it caught up to me. I quit my job last Spring and have been avoiding people as much as possible, but this thing doesn't care about any of that.
I've lost a couple of family members my own self & have several friends that have as well! 2020... be gone although I fear the virus may be with us for some while!

You guys have been terrific with your good thoughts and wishes.......I really thank all of you. Today is about 24 hours since I last had a fever, mine has stayed at around 98 degrees for a day and also during the night. Dan is the same, he never really had a temperature. He does have a cough and we are watching that.

I had two really, really bad nights, and then it seemed to pass. ( I hope) They say if you get 3 days without a fever you are on the road to recovery. I feel pretty good, still no appetite and when I try to eat it almost gags me, but I force food and water anyway.

We have decided to not leave the house for the full 14 day period and will go and be retested after that.

Again, guys, your comments and suggestions really mean a lot.

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