hello everybody i'm still alive

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May 22, 2007
feels good to be back among the live'n. took sick last weekend and it's been tough. good part is the doctor thinks he knows what is going on. last jan. i spent 3 days in hospital and the doctor there thought i had a ulcer in the start of my colon. stomach dr. said noway with the meds i was taking, so he didn't do the bright light down the throat. the new doctor thinks i have diverticulitis but instead of the flaps that catch stuff it is where my stomach and colon meet. when i heave it causes me to get a infection there and closes it off. it's bad when water turns you inside out. we are ready to pull my car in the shop and i'm ready to start so things got to get better, works picked up although i done missed a full week. it's tough getting old, hope everybody has a great one.
got sick again yesterday morn and spent the day in bed again. came to work this morn so i hope i make the day. still down 15 lbs. but i needed to loose that and more, just not this way.

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