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Older and more rusted every day!
May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
We've lost some good ones over the years & on this last day of the year I thought we should reflect on that! I'll start & feel free to join in!

This year we lost my friend Bill "Gastrick" Skirvin! RIP hot rodder!!!

Bill sent me this picture of himself with the caption... "Younger Mr. Skirvin as part of the Leonard Skirvin band LOL!"

Please add to this thread!!!



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Thanks for the pic of Willowbilly, smallfoot.

Thanks Tripper for starting this thread.

Willowbilly lived in Alaska for a while and took his "stage name" from the swamp willows around where he lived. Willowbilly had the ability to be creative without spending money. He came to Minneapolis for chemo treatments. I asked him if he wanted a visitor. He said that wouldn't be necessary. I missed the chance to meet him in person and have regretted it ever since.

Apart from his humor and great knowledge I appreciate that Doc. C. spent many hours writing about his drag racing exploits in emails he sent to me. Later they were posted here on RRR/UDS. I had the privilege of talking to him on the phone after Glen (Dozer) made contact with Doc in the hospital. Even then, his humor and bright personality shone through. He would have been a great neighbor.

Bill (Gastrick) had an Anglia Ute at one time. He knew I had an Anglia. Unrequested, he sent me some hard to find trim pieces. He was a perfectionist builder and he had a very interesting work life. He could have written a book. Bill offered his home to me if I ever visited his neck of the woods in Florida. Unfortunately we didn't connect.

Karl (Torchie) was one in a million. Against the odds he fabricated and customized and shared his work and parts of his life in a manner that was gentle, upbeat and informative. There were many facets to his life he only hinted at. A man of many talents. A few times I helped him get a spool of MIG wire or a piece of tin. Really miss that guy. Gone way too soon.

I'll shut up now.
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Here's another of Willowbilly. I haven't located any shots of Dr. Crank. Some guys are just wary of putting themselves up and for various reasons that should be considered. I'm not sure why I had these in my files unless it was something I enlarged to see detail.


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