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Who's a Hot Rod Poet?

  • #1 by MercuryMac

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • #2 by 23crate

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • #3 by MercuryMac

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • #4 by 05snopro440

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • #5 by 23crate

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • #6 by 23crate

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • #7 by smallfoot

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • #8 by Sam_Fear

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • #9 by DozerII

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • #10 by Old Iron

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Dr Crankenstein

Rocket Surgeon
Mar 12, 2011
It's time to cast your vote for best Hot Rod Poem!

The ten finalists are listed and numbered below. One vote per member and you can't take it back, so choose carefully.

Prizes graciously provided by bobw and earthman!


#1 by MercuryMac



#2 by 23crate

She - a rusty hulk that sat outside for years
under vines of blackberry years of sun and rain
so sad she wept a million tears
dreaming of her past life love and polished chrome
lichen free and gleaming on a Sunday run
nobody cared for the once proud car
the people once stopped and stared
now walked past and didnt care
she, a lost soul on the out skirts of town
her wheels flat and way bogged down
it was of course hard to believe
that tatooed man who came to see
the grand old lady stuck under her tree
at first she sighed go away young man
she growled dont come close to me
he listened not and chopped and sprayed
he dragged her out, she, all forlorn
and scrubbed her clean on his front lawn
and he sighed and rolled up his sleeves
hammered welded painted and chromed
restored that grand old lady to her throne.
once again the people stared and watched her go by
she loved her new life on the streets again
because often theres a second chance my friends


#3 by MercuryMac

When the internet was young, so many moons ago,
Our Tripper had a dream to let his passion show.

He created a forum site to showcase older cars.
The resurrection of old junk things into lots of stars.

Many people all 'round the globe sought to participate.
"Be nice" is all Tripper said as he let us through the gate.

We watched each others cars come alive, and were thrilled
And each guys work, tinkering brought forward his own build.

We joined to show our work, and for comradery,
Thank You Tripper for building this ratrod community.


#4 by 05snopro440

He walked over to the barn, pulling open the big door
He couldn’t believe his eyes, the deuce coupe was all he wanted and more
Staring at the flathead, bias plys, and gleaming chrome
He couldn’t wait to strike a deal and take this barn find home
The widow haggled and made him earn the sale
And when time came to load it up his winch just had to fail
With all his pals help he got the hot rod loaded
The excitement of this find made his ego quite bloated
As finding this deuce coupe made him feel quite cunning
He hurried home to get his new hot rod running
Working on the car at home, he couldn’t wait to make all the other rodders jealous
He got the car going in record time and the first test drive felt quite zealous
The thrilling sounds and smells, rowing through the gears
He then woke up and found his shop filled with only tears


#5 by 23crate

it wasnt too much long ago
to a house warming i did go
the guy who rented the home
a party making his nieghbors groan
for a quite a bit too much liquor
he made his tyres spin much quicker
in this area lived a local cop
he showed up to put a stop
to the V8's roar, legs 11 on the street
meant the owner had to beat the feet...
needless to say not to long did he stay
least that how i remember it anyway


#6 by 23crate

Im with Bob on this you see

be great to read acres more poetry

a huge yard sale of the stuff

loads of tales of cranky old cars

or finds, drags and triple carbs

stories of youth made bigger with age

Oh - fishing trips ! - i have one to tell

one that got away, snapped my rod as well !

Ma's home made treats, summers by the river

drive in movies was her name Heather?

lipstick in places ​best left unsaid

or surfing at the beach head first in the sand

a shellfish delight under my hand

despite a sore neck did we feast that night

a silver lining to that nasty fright.

try a limerick or Japanese Haiku

a story doesnt need to be true

they may not take long to write .

or you could be up half the night

for 'tis entertainment we want

does not need to rhyme be funny or sad

please add something make us glad

should a picture be posted a subject of the week?

dont be afraid to write -you may be proud

put it to music blues or rock as you go along

who knows it could be a number 1 song

a hidden talent you never know you had

crack open a beer and give it a whirl

no offence but dont be a girl

BUt there are prizes to win !

that would make anyone grin

so support the fun dont be a ditz

cos im sick of writting this S***s


#7 by smallfoot

I been working on one from the beginning,
I just don't have a chance of winning,
It's taking a long time,
Trying to find a rhyme,
It's becoming clear,
And what I really fear,
The finish to a poem is not in sight,
Looks like I might have to stay up at night,
I'm not a poet and those are facts,
I got to get movin the poems due on the day of the taxes...


#8 by Sam_Fear

Rusted metal. Frozen bolts. Missing parts.

Piece of history. Piece of scrap.
Piece of art?

I grab my creeper, and roll under the dirty greasy beast.
It's clear, what must be done.

At my bench now, I hammer. I heat. I weld.
The metal bends, the sparks fly, as I grind
my arms grow tired, the hammer strikes,
again. Again. Again!

More sparks, more heat! I feel as if I'm at the gates of hell!
My clothes afire, nothing left of me but will!

The sun is gone. I have one more hole.
To drill.

It's over.
I have won.


#9 by DozerII

I'm not a Poet and I know it.

I bought me some Dodges, really a bunch of Hodge Podges.

Cut me some tin, beat on some tin, and lost me some skin.

Lots of welding, and melding of parts, pieces and scrap, holy cow there was lots of crap.

Wheels and tires and way too many wires.

Had to be a nine inch for all the cubic inch.

Four years of learning, yearing, longing for the rumble and roar of the open road.

Four years of spending, mending, and tending the build thread, all made possible by the great family we call Undead Sleds


#10 by Old Iron

Here I sit with the key in the ignition
With great anticipation, I can't wait to hear the engine

I turn the key but, to my surprise the starter is dead and refuses
Now I sit here and to me it confuses

My mind goes over what could be the matter
Then without warning the engine begins to clatter

Man, how I love the sound of a good cam
Now I can go to the restaurant and eat my Green Eggs and Ham


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