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Sep 26, 2014
new zealand
ok guys,

heres a wee tip for a car upolsterer i know.. not to sure how many of you guys have tried this,

Windlace is quite expensive in New Zealand im looking at around $30 per yard . i need 12 of them , around $360, + frieght , and govt appointed extra shopping tax at 15%.

That said 12m of rubber tube, 2 yards of upolstery fabric (yes i had cross over into the fabric shop - but im still safe!!)
im up to around $130 + labor - who counts that.

phew !! the ole Lark windlace used a velvet that is now starting to rot up to a foot on most doors..

will trim and glue then run a few lines of stitches with mrs crates "fabric welder"

test piece shown seems to have worked well .. thinking the cream / gray fabric will fit with the black/cream vinyl without making framing the window too darkly.
Not going to rush this .. updates over a few weeks


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one done ..
just need to slide in the rubber tubing

ok - so its the 2nd attempt , misjudged the tube measurement.

i had a little think about this - to get a tidy stitching line i used an extention cord and the machines foot width. a quick sideways foot adjustment and there you have it.

also put a 45* cut for the top where the B pillar meets the roof. 3 more to go + hose insert..


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fabric welder construction
python wrestling
draft stop kitchen drawer tests

there you have it guys , this is number 2 built, 3/4 the way through stitching number 3 and ran out of 'fabric' wire ..

threading the hose is a bit tough , ive had to thread a safety pin (thanks Mrs Crate) on to one end and slowly pull it through ..

Got a bit smarter tonight using a piece of 1/8 attached to the pin which a 20 min job into a 5 minute one..


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a wee update..

hi all ..

bit of a scungy day down here , so out with missus crates stitching machine ..

have veed out the corners at the 90* roof b pillar point .. that vee just fits nicely into the 45* seem i made .

leave the 90* corner open when stitching so this can be done. quick hand stitch later works

thats all four doors now finished ,, next job strip out the original parts and replace .. theres a fun job !!


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spent a couple of hours fitting one doors worth of windlace.

yup its summer here and brakeclean is excellent for removing glue residue of fingers..


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one side of the Stude now completed.

next fitting the other 2 doors


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