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Sep 23, 2012
Here are a just a couple of my dads work horse tractors. He has a bunch of 2 cylinder john deere's also.

The big 8 wheeled articulating Oliver is a 2 year production tractor. I belive it has a allis Chalmers diesel in it if I remember right.

The other is Oliver has a screaming Detroit in it. It along with the articulating tractor pull a set of discs and roller packers.

The older one is just a parade tractor now. Pulls a trailer for hay rides


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that big Oliver is badass [dr

here`s my 63 Fordson super dexta, before and after. wasnt going to do any paint work on it but I had it all apart for maintenance and my son told me it needed to be done and he would... right, shoulda know better... :rolleyes:

I`d love to own a 4x4 super dexta roadless one day, but cant afford that now, if I could find one...


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Not mine but I've always wanted one of these flattie V8 powered Fords! [dr



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Here's a few shots, starting with the two originals that we used on the farm for years. I sold the Cockshutt and the John Deere, both needed some work and DW was wanting me to buy something a little more reliable that also offered me some protection in the winter. So, the Case came along. My real pride and joy is the Farmall Cub. It's a '51, and needed a little TLC. I didn't get too carried away with the work, as I do intend to use it for grass. I had to free up a few stuck valves, repair a leaking oil pan, replaced the cracked head and bolster and replace the rad. Anything I had off I painted


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BillM, my grandfather had a farmall just like that...I can still
remember standing and steering that tractor with him driving
when I was six....it's still in the barn and still running, my uncle
owns it now....good times.
Never was on a farm when I was growing up, lived by the beach in Northern & Southern, CA. First tractor purchase was in 2005 when I retired & moved to Coupeville, WA. I was 57 years old wanted to get into vintage tractor pulling. I got hold of a Allis Chalmers WD and rebuilt the motor and trans. Had lots of fun over 10 years all over the Pacific Northwest.

What came next is the real story of a great pulling tractor. One day at the pulls in Lindon, WA a young farm boy asked me if he could try out the tractor, he was about 14 and had grown up with many type of tractors on their farm. He loved it and over the next year I let him run the tractor 8-10 times.

One day at a pull he was there with his Gramma and he asked me if I would ever sell the tractor? His (very sharp) Gramma had told him that if he wanted to buy the tractor he would have to pay for it himself, that way it was his & not Mom, Dad, Grampa's. He said he was good with that deal and was going to sell two steers at the next County Fair. We made a deal on payments & I gave him the puller. I went to a few pulls over the next few years and his Gramma was always there to give him support. In all my years of drag racing (45+) & 10 years of pulling this was the most enjoyable part of owning a vintage tractor.

Picture are of the full size WD & Kids AC 712 mower/puller.


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You guys will think I'm showing off. Some of you will be right. But, I'm going to show you old tractors.
Here's a 95 Massey Ferguson, [which is a Minneapolis-Moline painted red and grey] pulling a tandem plow set-up which I made. A three bottom and a two.

My youngest daughter has farmed most of her life and bought this Minneapolis-Moline 'U' when she was a kid.
We belong to a Vintage tractor club and have a Plowday every year, so some of the pictures will be plowing.


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Here I am at our '18 Plowday, driving a 17-28 Twin Cities from 1927. The field was old, old fescue sod and kinda damp. My plow was a P&O two bottom maybe from the twenties, but It didn't go into the ground well at all. There is a write-up on this tractor in the Builds section.

The black and white picture is my Dad on his new tractor, a 1967 Ford 5000. Guess who the poor bugger was that was on the bale sloop, stacking bales. The tractor left the farm a few years later and about 35 years after that, a guy came by our house just before Christmas and said to my daughter, Chanelle, "I'm giving you your Granddads tractor, with the books, with his name in them, and, I'm giving your dad something." I almost wet my pants, if he was giving out old tractors, well, I could handle that. Bssssst. Wrong mistake. He said, "I'm giving your Dad ----- a job. He has to put a clutch in the tractor." The next picture is the same Ford in about 2016, in Chanelle's yard.


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This is a Cockshut 80, really an Oliver 80 painted red and sold in Canada. This will be the same tractor as what lowbudget has in his last picture.

The third and forth pictures are an '84 Steiger and two six bottom plows that I rigged up together in tandem. For many years I grew fescue, [lawn grass] so it had to be plowed down every third year and rejuvenated. If I didn't plow it down, it would get too thick and not send up many seed heads.


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Great story about the clutch MM. Thanks for posting these pictures and stories. I bet that Steiger burned some fuel pulling those two plows through sod! Wow, that's quite a setup.
Steigers are the first big 4WD articulating tractors I can remember... impressive machines and "ground-breaking" back then!

The Steiger had a 3406 Caterpillar in it, the same as a lot of highway trucks had. This motor was turned down to 280 hp, whereas the big trucks were from 375 to 475 hp.
I usually didn't have to put more than 80 Imperial gallons of fuel in it, a day.
I think I had a hundred more horsepower than I needed for those plows.

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