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May 14, 2010
The Sunny Okanagan B.C. Canada
A few of the 800+ vehicles that attended the Midnight at the oasis show in Yuma this weekend.
A nifty Graham phantom pickup, cool Diamond T, twin turbski pickup, Wes Ridells' very cool 40 Chev, created from a 4dr, a vintage dragster and a supercabbed 40 Ford.


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Lots to look at and appreciate in those pictures. Thanks for posting. Have fun in the sun.
Some things for sharing! I needed some sunny car picks! Dumping snow here again lol.
A few more, the last one is a 39ish Stude, created from a bunch of un-Stude coupe pieces, but it sure turned out nice.


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The young man that works with me would have a cummapart if he could have the Dodge in the background with the utility bed on it.

A few more including a survivor split window 'Vette...


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Some more, love them old Caddys, nice bumpside Ford pu


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Wow! I would not have expected 800 cars. Yuma is not that big. My fav is the rat 'vette. We can easily imagine the grief he gets. Thanks ZZ.

Quite a few came from out your way, a few less that usual from California due to the crazy weather events there. The owner of the 'vette has no plans to restore it, people are always after them to sell it - they said they're just going to drive the heck out of it, no freaking out over little scratches, etc....
The Graham and the 40 Chev are wicked cool! I haven't see either before. I see the Chev won Street Rod of the Year from Goodguys in 2021, and it's built by Rad Rides.

That Graham is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while, I'd do unholy things to get my hands on that [ddd

The Stude coupe has a really unique back window, cool car!
How's Hercules working, ZZ?

It's been great, Colin! Driving it every day, living the dream :D Being an old engine from a truck that sat in a field for 20 years, the only thing I've had to do to it has been to put in new valve stem seals. After doing a compression check and finding it OK, figured they were the reason for high oil consumption - yep, they were hard as a rock and loose on the valve stems.
I do have a persistent brake issue that's got me stumped though.... It happens when putting around in parking lots, sometimes the brakes just completely go away, takes 5 or 6 pumps to start working again - but then they're fine until the next time the engine is shut off - but not every time?#*. I changed the master cylinder from a 1" bore to a 1 1/8" bore, and that improved pedal feel and stopping power but the intermittent problem is still there.
Is it the vacuum booster?? How can it work fine, then not, then work again? Engine has lots of vacuum being totally stock, I'm thinking of just unplugging the booster for a bit and seeing if it still does it, though the brakes would be really hard to work. Any suggestions on how to test the booster or have another idea as to what is going on??

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